Lyric discussion by TheFeesh 

I didn't read most of these comments because they are lame, but this is the most amazing song in punk music's history. The raw emotion and mixture of anger, sadness, and desperation Fat Mike carries with his voice is unbelievable. It is an incredibly eye-opening song. The first time I heard it my jaw dropped. It deals with many political issues which are relatively obvious such as guns, drugs, and religion. Fat Mike is neither a democrat or republican, but he just thinks it's rediculous how the majority of americans just sit back and watch everything fall a part, they don't even use their voice to speak out because they only care about themselves. And he thinks the country thinking as a whole is better than one dumbshit as president, which is true. Basicly he's saying that the country's carlessness will lead to it's demise, or perhaps it already is. It's a truely amazing song, the music is very intricate and just flawless.

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