Lyric discussion by sixxaholic 

actually there is a meaning, nikki sixx beleived that Ronald Reagan was the antichrist and he wanted everyone to shout at him. he beleived it because Ronald Wilson Reagan's names each have six letters in them, so its 666. it all makes perfect sense because the bible says that the antichrist's name will bear the mark of 666, he will be in a high position of power, he will try to decieve you and tell you he is a man of god, etc, etc. and reagan fell into all of those categories.

but thats what the song is about

What I've read actually went something along the lines of Nikki names album o"Shout with the devil'" Nikki jokingly explores occult symbolism, Nikki and friend Zataut see a fork and knife rise from the table and stick to the ceiling, both are flipped and stop the occult exploring, and name the album "Shout at the devil". How true this is, I'm not sure.

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