Lyric discussion by winglessdreamer 

Eden is so beautiful, this song always reminds me to that one special friend of me, who i, unfortunately, don't see that often anymore.

He had put these first lines on a letter to me: "Did you ever think of me As your best friend Did I ever think of you I'm not complaining

I never tried to feel I never tried to feel this vibration I never tried to reach I never tried to reach your eden"

I love everything about this song. The lyrics, the melody, the voice...

I totally went crazy when i heard her sing it live on Marktrock '04, and took my phone immediately to let that friend hear it.

I don't think that's about a human and a plant :p

I think it's about two persons, who are insecure about eachother. She wonders what she meant to him, what he thought about her. Did he think she was his best friend? His enemy? She said she never tried to reach his eden, eden is like heaven. But i'm not sure what they mean with saying she never tried to reach his eden... Any ideas?

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