Lyric discussion by Adamsmasher 

I think this song is about a two peoplewho share the same religious faith. A young man, maybe 18,19, early 20s and a slightly older more experianced woman. The young man is just barly learning about love between man and woman and the woman possible already has had a few broken relationships. These two are good friends and the woman is tring to teach this young man about love. I think the young man has a attraction for the woman and she probably plays a little on that because she is looking for love too but not from him. "She's slippy, You're sliding down, She'll be there when you hit the ground" I also think that the woman tries to teach him about Gods love too. Even though the young man dosent understand everything now when he learns it through experiance latter on in life, he will remember what she told him and it will be something that he can stand on latter in life. But the very fact that the woman is more mature than the young man and that she is not showing the same attraction to him as he shows to her, makes her seem mysterious to him. I can relate to the song because I have had a very identical experiance in my past.

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