Lyric discussion by Adamsmasher 

I think this song is about every single one of us. We all have that part of us to want to make it to the top or in some how control the environment that we live in. I believe that this desire shows no prejudice, from the poorest with few belongings to the rich with the power that their mony gives them. It seems that we all want power and want to get ahead. From runnig to get ahead of next guy in a food line, to a country making "strategic" decisions inorder to take advantage of a lesser neighbor country. If given the chance I think we would all want to rule the world. I think this song is all about the darker part of humanity that is always trying to getting ahead of your fellow man. And for the record. I do not think that absolutlly every body is like this, just most of us. Great song

@Adamsmasher Couldn't agree more. It's a 'Survival of the fittest' kinda thing.

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