Lyric discussion by lukefun 

It could be about suicide.

"since I'm putting down all of the true things around but I like it"-He's saying that when he kills himself he's leaving behind everything but he wants to leave suffering

"I handed down the crown" This might be something to do with his will, what he means by 'crown' is his favorite thing.

"given the jewels and the answers of may" He was given everything he could possibly want.

"the thought of being ousted comes and goes" His paranoia says that if he doesn't kill himself someone else will

"when I think about it the wind blows" The wind could be a metaphor for paranoia.

"I hate it" He hates life

"run me out of town" He's basically asking someone to kill him

"somewhere a move might intended a gown at" A place where he can no longer suffer-a.k.a heaven

"pissed at all the bowels" He's experienced all the lows of life and now he's had enough

"always the blues and a delicate smile" He's trying to make himself happy but inside he's sad and lonely.

"missed all of the sideways" He doesn't want therapy or anything else to help him

"gull and noun" He doesn't care what anything means anymore, he just to die and thats all that matters to him

"chills and petty band-aids" He thinks that people lie when they say they can cure depression

"wrapped around" He knows this because he's tried them before and they don't work.

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