Lyric discussion by stonedtemplepilot 

the song is about being buried in your shit and eating only what your fed, but its not about calves, its about people. how most people live and die like calves raised for veal, "in a box".

@stonedtemplepilot it's about how man (general term) is brainwashed and forced to exist in a BOX just other poor animals. Yet animals are sadly valued at their slaughter whereas humans are used for other means in being exploited. Staley was BRILLIANT and yet a very lost soul. He was in pain with no escape in drugs as with most fools that get lost in addictions. YOU see calves yet it's NOT just male calves in veal crates or Sows in gestation crates or ANY other factory farmed animals or animals of fur factories. WE as humans ALL exist in our...

@stonedtemplepilot @vegantruth I'm a vegan too and I agree with what you said the first time I heard this song that's what I thought it was relative to. Humans will not know their true potential is this society we have so many INNATE capabilities. I also think nature=common sense and today we are so far removed from that.

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