Lyric discussion by ExactChange 

i don't really agree with any of these ideas.

to me, this song is about a guy talking to a girl he is about to have an affair with and then later, he speaks after the affair.

He's about to have an affair, and he knows it's wrong, thats why guilt and remorse are going with him, but they want to play, like, he knows the consequences.

the biggest tip off is the "i'm down for whatever, if you're down for the same" it's kinda like, before you do something with someone that you know you shouldn''re in that "i'll do it if you want to..." phase, like, neither wants to initiate the affair.

as for the line "i can't go on pretending you don't know her name" it's kinda as if, "i can't just have a relationship with you, when i know that you won't trust me because you already know i'm with someone else" but it's too late for that, "i might as well stay."

eventually he knows his g/f will leave him, and if the girl he cheated with has a b/f she'll get dumped to, and they'll be stuck with each other..."take me down with you"

but that's just my opinion :-D

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