Lyric discussion by inshadowsgrowinwings 

I think this song is mocking the feelings in this country that we and our society are perfect. I think Greg adresses this in the very first few lines of the song wherein hes basically saying that the rich veiw the society as perfect and he compares it to a childlike dreamland. The part where hes talking about mean boys and innocent girls i think he is mocking the gender roles in our society that boys are supposed to mischevous and violent but girls are meant to be proper and innocent. The part after that when hes talking about a letter i think hes saying that your world may be ideal but mine is not ("my side of town"). Then I think hes saying that the people whos lives are perfect (the rich and powerful) seem to be the ones who are full of hate and go out of the way to make others suffer. Basically thats what I think this song is about but like most Bad Religion songs this is very complex and I could be (and probably am) wrong.

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