Lyric discussion by JetBlack05 

if you listen to the ground folds and 187 back and forth you will realize that the guitar lines in the bgegiing of each song are almost exactly the same. i think they need some more originality, i mean come on. you have only realeased 8 songs and you cant thnik up a different guitar line. this could be a bad sign.

Oh wow guy. You must not play guitar at all hmm? They are NOTHING like each other, whole different key actually. You might wanna check your theory before posting that again.

Before being condescending towards someone else, you might want to check your theory yourself.

Just because two melodic lines are in different keys doesn't mean that they can not be similar. When you transpose something, you change the key, but most people can still recognize the song, can they not? This is because the intervalic integrity of the melody is maintained. So different keys, same intervals = similar sounding songs.

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