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Dollskin Lyrics

Lyric discussion by cguenther 

The church bells/guitar comment is interesting. My buddy and I have two different ideas as to what this song is about that neither one of us is convinced about but still enjoy.

  1. The song is about a girl who has died and is a ghost(bodies glide from room to room/hey skin like a doll) and who's lover or father is tortured constantly while in the house (I hate these walls... they speak to me). She only appears in the dark and is chased away by the falling light (Catch that light, it falls in subtle patters, crowds in and tells them when their time is up and when it's over).

  2. The song is about a single-father who's daughter has run away from home and become a prostitute in defiance of him (maybe he molested her). In this case the "catch that light" line refers to the morning light sneaking through the curtains of some cheap hourly-rated motel and telling her customers when it's time to go.

Hey who knows right?.... Great song though!

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