Lyric discussion by stefanjoh 

I believe this is one of the best songs about summer: it deals with love, parties, and sunny afternoon shit to do.

"1996 1997 1998 we're all waiting for the year 2000" I love that line, even though its now 2003 because that is how I always feel during summer, excited--waiting for something big to happen.

"just the smell on the summer can make me fall in love" ditto to the other post, summer's like that, it's something in the air, its the best, or perhaps the only time to fall in love

"we go to the parties listen to the DJ's dance dance dance and go crazy" Everytime I hear these lyrics it brings back memories of my senior year summer, going to parties, all your friends there, drinking, being free.

"hold the slip slide taste the sweat it's salty irrigation ditch and a swimming hole" These are summer afternoons, one of the things that make life worth living--chilling, swimming, smoking buds.

Great song, one I think many Modest Mouse fans overlook to often, one of my favorites.

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