Lyric discussion by Kookkie 

Dont be an American DUMB ASS thats how, I'm not German and I understand them perfectly I am Dutch, and we get the opertunity to study Germand French and English in School, how the f*ck you think I can type english like this, I studied for it, you are all to proud to learn other languages but it only puts you behind in society!!! dumb asses

Not all of us are so proud. Please know that. Personally I wish to leave America as soon as I'm out of college, also I have studied multiple languages.

alright, fuck you and ill tell you why. in america we can learn many different laguages of our choice. also why did u learn english if were dumbasses? you also used the wrong "to" it shoukd be "too." so i guess your not smart enough to learn the difference. everybody has their own opinion on what bands they like so dont call someone a dumb ass for having an opinion.

Buddy obviously doesn't know about Westernization. Otherwise, he would understand why Kookkie would learn English.

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