Lyric discussion by pragmaticpoetry 

No, this song isn't about God. I said it somewhere before, but any heartfelt song can be misinterpreted about God if you simply replace the "she" and "hers" and other feminine pronouns with "God" and "His" and "Your," et cetera.

Both basically the same thing. And the law applies in reverse. Songs with God that can be changed to be about women.

.. anywho. Yeah, I'd have to agree with liveurlife as well. This person is everything she wants, everything she needs, but it means nothing to her, and she doesn't know why. And it's strange, because she sees him, and she know how he feels, if only.. vaguely..

.. and the mention to the angels. A reference to HER love. The one she cannot have. The one she's constantly focusing on while ignoring the one that would obviously work.

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