Lyric discussion by Yahiko 

This is one of the best songs I've ever heard that came form NOFX, probably one of the best songs ever IMO. It deals with a whole bunch of issue's like politics,drugs,guns, etc. An example would be this one line.

"Jerry spent some time in Michigan / A 20 year vacation / after all he had a dime"

IMO this means that Jerry has gone to jail for 20 years for having a dime bag.(Marjuana for you who don't know the slang. :)) Then later on in the song they go off to say that Jerry commited suicide by sufficating himself (Asphyxiation ).

The Decline, I believe is basically how people are giving into the government and just not caring about anything but themselves. I could go deeper into this but...meh..Too much typing..Just listen to the song and understand.

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