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This song was about the death of Buddy Holly in a plane crash. He died in february, hence the shivering with the delivery of 'bad news on the doorstep'. The joker is supposed to be Bob Dylan I think, and the King is Elvis Priestly. (at least I think that, but i could just be being obvious). I think the woman who turns away is supposed to be Janis Joplin, not sure about that though. The song is basically about how music 'died' on the day that buddy holly was killed, and since then everything else can't compare.


Now your answer i agree with.

You are correct. (NOTE: Anyone who doesn't know the meaning of this song should look it up.)

It might also be the death of Richie Valens, who died on the same plane. He had 4 top hits in 8 months, an undefeated record.

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