Lyric discussion by VegasJames 

This song is amazing. Nothing in the world puts me in a more peaceful mood than listening to this. I don't interepret it as a commentary on society, although it very well could be. The sense I get from it up to someone with whom Jeff shares an extremely close connection. I'm not sure about the nature of the connection (a romantic love, a relative, whatever), but it just seems to be the...thing you'd say to someone you love when something happens to make you realize how much they mean to you. Which is a fascinating idea to me: what would you say to the people who mean the most of you, if you thought you had just a flicker of a moment left with them? Well, Jeff has captured it here, to me. "Don't cry/you can rely on me, honey/You can come by anytime you want." Gosh...this song just rocks my socks. Jeff Tweedy is awesome.

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