Lyric discussion by Ar3s 

the most EXCELLENT thing about all tool and APC songs (pointed out by headon earlier) Is that they're so heavily layered in metaphors that they can apply to anyone - and any situation.

Almost every song I listen to by them really sums up my "love life" at the moment.

I'm desperately in love with the most fantastic girl, and i've had a fair few chances with her in the past - and I have made progress with her.

In The Patient, Maynard sings about devoting himself, keeping faith.

In my situation, I think of how I keep putting time and effort into making this relationship with this girl, thinking someday it'll all fall into place for me.

And the loving embrace to see me through - I usually think of my very close friends who have always comforted me in the situation etc ;)

..... But ...... I'm gonna wait it out ;)

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