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Stumbleine Lyrics

Lyric discussion by StarClaire 

I've felt the same way for a long time, "Nowhere Girl"...in fact, this is my favorite Pumpkins song of all time, partially because of the beautiful imagery of the lyrics, and that line, in particular. I first heard the song when I was 13-since that's when the album came out-and it struck me right from the start. The music is beautiful in it's simplicity, and the lyrics spoke to me even before I thought about what they meant. Some of the phrases in this song can only be described as poetry: "Boredom's in the bathroom shaking out the loose teeth," for an obvious example. The words flow together and become fluid, so that they're not just words, they've got a rich musical quality to them, and someone listening to the song could hear the vocal line and completely forget that the sad, soft melody also has a stark meaning. The words become notes, Billy's voice becomes a musical instrument, and the peice sounds almost instrumental The images conjured up throughout this song are so vivid and startlingly strong-and they're all poetic descriptions of the different pitfalls of a "misspent youth," which, I think, is the song's subject matter. Looking back now, I fell in love with the song at 13 because I was "Boredom on the bathroom," and "Sally in the sturrips," and "Jukebox fuck-up." I was the girl who was always angry without knowing why-I was "faking up a rampage to hold off the real slaves"-to create a safe distance between myself and everyone else. I was all of these things and I was unhappy. I had nothing to be happy about. Like all lost, jaded teenagers, I secretly hoped for someone to love me for the messed-up kid that I was. I wanted someone who could understand, another messed-up kid like me, and we would catch each other when we "stumbled" again, the way we had so many times before. I wanted someone to be my Stumbleine, and I wanted to be theirs. Sometimes I'm still the isolated teenager wandering the lines of this song. I still want someone to be my Stumbleine...Wow, that ended up being a lot longer than I had intended. Oh, well, I wanted to explain what "Stumbleine" is to me and why it takes the title of my number one favorite Pumpkins song, and I guess I did a damned good job of that!

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