Lyric discussion by Afina 

CoF kicks my ass. and your ass. Ah, how can you not like Dani's voice? I'm a girl and I can't scream that high to save my life. I love it. ^_^

Fuck my fren......,we wanted to form a band....,he ask me to jamm pop,R&B,hip-hop,rap all those shittie fuck up stuff.......,and i say,NO FUCKING WAY!!!!!!!!!,he say,that way no girls will like us....,but here's a cutie here who listen to metal......shit on his face and make him to hell......

ROCK AND METAL ARE COMING BACK WOOO!!!!!! sorry its just ive been a long term rocker all my life.... i was born listening to metallica's enter sandman

Just a tip for tryin to scream that high, Dani does inhale screaming for the higher ones.

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