Lyric discussion by Spider7895 

I think you guys are over analyzing it. This song was written only for the Mummy Returns. It's about the Mummy's(Imhotep's) love for pharrows wife. Remeber in the movie he planed on taking over the world with the two of them ruling it, and in the song it says "the world is never enough and I'm not giving it up." When he says"my faith in love is like blood, I'd spill it freely for some" he's talking about how the mummy was willing to kill anyone who stood in between him and his love. And when he refers to "the other side" he's talking about the realm of the dead. You can see this was written for a movie by reading the lyrics, the song is dominated by chorus's. Yes he did do a good job of describing what love feels like but he did it briefly and did it to set a mood in a movie. Jees guys don't over think things all the time.

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