Lyric discussion by L.O.S.E.R. 

first off no one should call anyone a fag, if you do you are homophobe mother fuckers. second of all your opinions about what is punk could all be right. mine definition of punk is fighting for what you believe in to change the world for the better. not like that blink 182 crap babbling on about nothing on MTV all fuckin day. MTV is sucky music that no one should give in to. its just another way to make people conform to the most "popular thing" which is a whole crap wad of music that no punk should listen to. if Tim Yohannon were still alive he would probably tell you that. and for those of you who dont know who Tim Yohannon is, he was like the friggin god of punk. he basicly said what was and wasnt punk. ask fat mike on the nofx official website. he and Tim were good friends but Tim died in 1998. and also orange, if you cant tell a music masterpiece from crap then you should be watching MTV, cuz this song is greatest musical masterpiece ever. if you say punk HAS to be fun music for people who like fun music, that is true, but it can also be about politics and changing things wrong with the world like violence, war, oppressive governments, hate, racism, and facism. i say the whole political part of punk is a good thing.

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