In the ghetto
You think life is hard
Food stamps and tore up cars
Wall to wall dirty orange carpet
Sittin' in a bucket, hopin' you can start it
And ride around to the liquor store
Can't get a job get drunk some more
You better stop trippin' on them stereotypes
'Cause in the ghetto there's a good life
We ain't starvin' like Marvin, won't see no roach
When ya chill wit' the rich folks in the hood
Ya sittin' on leather watchin' big screens
Bought by the dope fiends smokin'
And what about the brother wit' the good jobs
Savin' money and workin' hard?
Bought a house for his wife and kids
Ya only got one life to live
Another brother got some cocaine
Ya know his face but don't know his name
Ya know he got the sack, man
And he's sittin' on a fat bank
Seven cars at his house in the driveway
Benz so clean, don't roll, it just fly away
'Cause folks got money in the ghetto
Yeah, you know

Hey, hey, hey
What'cha got to say?
(There's money in the ghetto)
(Havin' money in the ghetto, ooh-oh)

Money in the ghetto ain't nothin' new
It's been like that way before you was even born
Get up from the down stroke
Chocolate City for the black folks
Say it loud in ya hot pants
Man child in the promise land
I take ya back to Iceberg Slim
And all the players that came before him
If you a everyday hustler, get ya money
'Cause what they do to black man ain't funny
All the time tryna put us in the pen
You get paroled, then they send you again
All the homies in the hood gettin' paid
You might have left but the money stayed
In the ghetto it ain't all about drugs
Gettin' paid doin' all kinda stuff
Only rule on the street is don't get caught
Unless your hustle ain't breakin' the law
And even though rich folks got it good
We sittin' on 'em fat in the hood
I'm ridin' on some gold ones
Smokin' dank and it's potent
Ask them fools, 'cause they know
It's money in the ghetto

Hey, hey, hey
What'cha got to say?
(There's money in the ghetto)
(Havin' money in the ghetto, ooh-oh)

I got money baby, just tell me the price
'Cause Short Dawg ain't nothin' nice
I always hit the town wit my boy Ben Franklin
Spend fo' get an ounce a dank then
Rich nigga get high and relax
And if I bust a Ben Frank', get some Andrew Jacksons
Five twenties for a hundred dollar bill
You know the math, let's make a deal
On a one dollar bill if ya look on the front
You find the face of George Washington
Make money, baby, that's all I do
That's how I know Thomas Jefferson is on the two
Abraham Lincoln got shot and died
Freed the slaves so they put him on the five
And Hamilton, old time friend
They put his face on the front of the ten
These are the dead presidents
From the hood and they represent
The American dream for the average minority
Make your money, get some weed and a forty
I'm on the East side livin' like a king
Kick back watchin' fifty-inch screens
Bounce to the West side, hit studio
And spend my money in the ghetto

Hey, hey, hey
What'cha got to say?
(They got money in the ghetto)
(Havin' money in the ghetto, ooh-oh)

Nowadays if you can't say a rap, or play sports
You might just come up short
And they always say the same things
Don't be a gangster or a dope fiend
Get your high school diploma, go to college
Get a degree and start makin' dollars
Only one thing wrong, and it's a trip
Inner city schools don't teach us shit
Got us stuck on stupid, straight S.O.S.
Can't get nothin', but they payin' the rest of them fools
All around the world in the other countries
They should be spendin' that money right here
In the state of California
You graduate and can't spell diploma
Dip to the hood and get rich
Slangin' rocks to a smoked out bitch
No school'll come close to that
A few transaction makesmy pockets fat
I make a lot of money and it ain't no lie
I'll probably ball 'til the day I die
And if I didn't, so what?
I bet you I'd still come up
'Cause there's a whole lot of money in the ghetto
Yeah, you know

Hey, hey, hey
What'cha got to say?
(They got money in the ghetto)
(Havin' money in the ghetto, ooh-oh)

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Money in the Ghetto Lyrics as written by Ronald Bell Todd Shaw

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    This song is ghetto, but cool.

    OutOfOrderYouthon June 06, 2002   Link
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    I usually listen to death metal, but too short is one of few exeptions, living in oakland I can tell you all of this shit is true.It shows that short is telling people the facts and harshness,and struggles, and basiclly a message to use all of the anger as energy to do better for yourself or youll be stuck in a shithole like east oakland

    capricornon March 22, 2006   Link
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    Back when rappers used to call out on their own community living in the ghetto and telling blacks to get out of it. 2Pac, Spice 1 and Too Short. 90's rap wrote music about hoe being ghetto is bad and now a days rappers sing about the same thing over and over again glorifying ghetto hood culture and most Blacks usually act the same or else there will be an Uncle Tom, Acting White and most Blacks have that mentality and some blacks know what's wrong in their own community. Black on Black crime, drug dealing and purposely being lazy and not trying to improve on anything.

    ammar85571on July 04, 2021   Link

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