This is just to say "hello"
And to let you know
I think of you from time to time
I know I never really knew you
But somehow I miss you
And wish that you'd stayed in my life

Making contact gets harder
As the silence grows longer
And isn't it only me
Who'd like us to see each other?
How I would hate to be a bother
The way we left it was you'd ring

I'm under no illusion
As to what I meant to you
But you made an impression
And sometimes I still feel the bruise
Sometimes I still feel the bruise

Now and then I stumble on
What I've misplaced but never lost
An ache I first felt long ago
Though you've appeared and disappeared
Throughout these past few years
I'd be surprised if you now showed

Making contact gets harder
As the silence grows longer
And why would you think of me
When you were not the one in love?
When you were not the dreamer?
When you were just the dream?

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    i heard this song for the first time only a few weeks before randomly finding a boy who i had met a year and a half before, been friends with, but lost touch with shortly thereafter. i had always wanted to regain contact, but neither of us ever really tried. i never knew why i wanted contact, but while on a college visit i found him. every time i heard this song before finding him, i thought of him, and now that he's one of my best friends, i still do.

    allishagson March 24, 2006   Link
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    this reminds me of a boy a used to know

    shewouldnton October 26, 2006   Link
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    the Mountain Goats' cover of this song is amazing.

    HopeSoForYouon December 09, 2007   Link
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    this is probably the saddest song ive ever heard. i can relate to it completely, its just perfect. the words and rythm. behind every line lies a much deeper meaning that i totally understand.

    flowboneon September 15, 2010   Link
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    yeah, one of the saddest and most real songs around. for me, it catapults me into a time well after the initial heartbreak where somehow you access the same pain but from a position of distance. the way the speaker describes being under no illusion resonates with solace, but unrequited disappointment. it doesn't feel like there is actual contact between the speaker and his person. it's more he's contacting through his lyrics and music. even that is distant and probably unreceived. i relate to it in that for me, when i hear this song (and a few others) i go through the same series of thoughts and emotions, but he'll never know. it's just me listening to another song and inconsequential to anyone else's life but mine. great freakin' song! (and the mountain goats' cover is also really good.)

    chicananerdon April 05, 2011   Link
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    When you were not the dreamer. When you were just the dream.

    Fuck. What a lyric.

    aurkwiton December 13, 2016   Link
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    to me it's about a person who touched you so deeply, had such a profound impact on your life, but for reasons unknown has left your life. the relationship was the kind where the narrator was most often the one initiating contact, and now that she has left, all he can do is hope one day she'll come back or contact him in some way...until then, he feels the ache of the bruise[impression on his life] she has left behind, the pain of which is made even worse by the fact he seems resigned to the idea she most likely will never come back at all.

    this is one of those songs that can bring you to tears if you're not careful..

    delialon January 09, 2006   Link
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    My favourite song from Trembling Blue Stars which is fronted by Bobby Wratten, formerly of The Field Mice and Northern Picture Library.

    rubyoverdiamondson May 17, 2006   Link

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