by the time i've made my exit
the stars crash down on the parking lot
and no one cares to say goodbye
so why should i
i wrote a note
left you a key
and i packed up my stuff
drug it out to the street
but i meant to be gone
before you got home
before anyone would miss me
and a year was all i needed
to feel like someone else
and perfect my role as an outcast in your eyes
so please don't change
don't fade away
cause that's what you say
when you know it's too late
i said i might
you said yeah, right
you could see right through me
if i had a better memory
i would think of the good times
but i just don't care to take the time
so why should i
so please don't change
don't fade away
cause that's what you say
when you know it's too late
i said i might
how far is goodbye
because that's where i'm headed
good bye

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    General CommentI've decided that this song is my personal anthem, and the lyrics-submitter guy did an okay job with the lyrics, but some are wrong :-/. It's "you said 'please don't change, don't fade away'", not "so...". Thought I'd correct that :).
    Anyway, I think the main character is leaving a friend of his. Many would say that he's leaving his GIRLfriend, but it could go either way, really. I think it's more meaningful if it's a guy friend, but easier to relate to if it's a significant other.
    So, the character(...let's call him Jeff, assuming Jeff wrote it about himself...) has been living with his friend. However, his friend is involved in another crowd or something and treats Jeff like an outcast. When they're alone, the friend is good to Jeff. He says stuff like "Please don't change", since Jeff's a good person; however, it's too late for that. The friend still wants Jeff to depend on, but Jeff's fading away, not wanting to be used anymore.
    Jeff finally gets up the courage to leave and go out on his own, and the friend realizes that he needs Jeff. He's quite saddened by this. Yes.
    Hmm. Anyway, that's my take. :). Think of this masterpeice how you will.
    BlackBasilSupplyon May 15, 2002   Link
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    General Commentwell person...i think you have a good point, and the song really is all about what it means to you. but you see, i have a dilema here, where the hell do i find info on gameface!? i love them and have tons of their stuff downloaded, but have zero info on em. I NEED INFORMATION.
    sassafrassaon June 03, 2002   Link
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    General Commentyeah...I think that they're one of the best bands around...but it's almost impossible to find information on them!!! somehow, their sound hasn't yet caught on. but, going to and lookin' up one of their albums might lead you to something you might want to know. good luck :).
    BlackBasilSupplyon June 08, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThanks dude!
    sassafrassaon June 08, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthey have a website
    RagingAnneon June 10, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthis song was my divorce song. it pretty much went this way exactly when i left. it still makes me cry.
    versustheseaon April 05, 2007   Link

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