30 G's and with not deep could the game get
4 ki's in the safe and I aint to be fucked with
living like a baller done cross to that other level
they bury so many motherfuckers I gotta carry a shovel
Casue I dont play when it comes to my mil man
its risky seeling that cocain
watch your ass, or watch your back punk
cause in Richmond, California motherfuckers ending
up in a trunk, but I aint going out like that
I keep on pumping the gage and no limit they got my back
police keep harrassing me all the time
I guess they tripping cause the P done went big time

Im making money, fuck a bitch cause im paid(Im living like a hustler)

Tom Cool and shit, watch you mean by fuck a bitch
[Master P]
What else should I say fuck a bitch

[Verse Two-Master P]
Me and the chill we was rolling
bebbing we was foling
wholesale selling
T Dog golding
seen some bitches at the bus stop
following with that ass out
looking for some tricks but I with that bullshit
Im all about my meal I sell that crack cocain
I got the wholesale yeah im the dope man
serving the dope fiend for riding the protein
a little B12 and its fast but its crystal clean
bigger than ever thats clever, Im making mo' mil
????, trying to take a nigga to jail
but motherfuck that I aint going out like that
selling that crack and bitches talking behind ya back


[Verse Three-Master P]
Check the rolex its time to pick the mail up
slanging and banging, yeah thats how I came up
strapped on the bullet proofvest for some foul play
a nine on my lap, and on my dash is my AK
my operation run smooth, my money is always there
cause niggaz know I can act a damn fool
now its time to move on my pager ranging
reach my the mobile phone so I can see who's hanging
but if its a broke bitch damn I hang it up
cause a nigga aint got time to get his dick sucked

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Fuck A Bitch Cause I'm Paid song meanings
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    General Comment

    An English teacher's nightmare, as well as any woman's. If you think "bitch" is my name and your description of good sex is "fuck" than you're one sorry boy (as opposed to man). And his last sentence "cause a nigga aint got time to get his dick sucked" is HILARIOUS. How many boys (especially hood boys) would turn it down...

    TurnMeOnon November 18, 2011   Link
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    General Comment

    I do like the song, but only cause I'm feelin' like a bitch tonight ;0

    TurnMeOnon November 18, 2011   Link

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