(Verse 1)[DnH]
Out of the blue she came to see me
It's been a while since we've been apart
truth be told my knees they were trembling
I swear I felt like a little child
for she was more beautiful than ever
a healing sight to my own eyes
and the fact that we were together
never crossed my mind
So I asked her how she's been doing
Is she seeing someone new?
She replied her vibe was something was missing
and I'm thinking it might be you
That's when she put her arms around me
and laid her face on myne yeah
shortly thereafter she lifted her hand
and gently kissed my lips

Cause when you love someone,
truly love someone
No matter how hard you try [no matter how hard you try]
sometimes you can't let go
And if the one you love
should feel the same way in return
Then make the one you love yours forever

(Verse 2)(Perimer)
We talked all night well into morning
Catching up on days gone by
Before I left he said he had something to show me
and what he showed me brought tears to my eyes
All over his room were cards and pictures
reminicing the one world gone
then check to check he softly whispered
to you I dedicate my soul

(Chorus){[DnH] + (Perimer)}
[Cause when you love someone,]
{truly love someone}
No matter how hard you try
sometimes you can't let go
And if the one you love}
(should feel the same way in return
Then make the one you love yours forever)

(Verse 3){[DnH] + (Perimer
{Suddenly I feel the sunlight shining down upon me}
Like it never has before
(From now on I promise that together we'll be)
{inseperable forever more
We'll make it better than it was before
When you love someone
(no matter how hard you try)
sometimes we can't let go}

(Chorus){[DnH] + (Perimer)}
{Cause when you love someone,
truly love someone
No matter how hard you try
sometimes you can't let go
And if the one you love
should feel the same way in return
Then make the one you love yours forever}

(Verse 4)[DnH] + (Perimer)
[My heart's found its way back home]
(My baby's never gonna have to worry
about a thing I'm down for him until the end)
[She's the love of my life]
(He's the love of my life)

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