So you're suffering. I know it hurts a lot if it's the first time.
Whenever I begin, make sure to keep my empathy inside.
The harder that it gets, the more the company will do you all in.
Here comes another hit.
This isn't dying, it's just a slow way of falling

You place your frown
Heavely down on me and
And try make me weak
Too lame to speak, I

Only 'cause of love, (push me don't calm me. Can't win just blame me)
Love's the only thing that makes me do this. (We're on the edge of
No power from above, (That says if your able)
You do it to yourself, (survive this we've made it)
I'll help you through this (It's out of my system, it hit while our
There's beauty in this place, (It helped me I'm staying)
It took me all these years to realise. (These blows mark a new deal)

(The truth is the threat's real)

Hype up and go hatch a plan (Do you know what this means to me?)
Tag onto someone who can (You've respect and no dignity. Do you?)
Believe it
Noble designs slip away (With your backs to the outside you'll burn)
Slide into morbid decay (Your bubble won't block out the sun)
I'm leaving

Come and feel what it does to me,
So much more than fantasy
Put your panic on hold, amplify your very soul
And keep breathing.

So you're suffering. I know it hurts a lot if it's the first time.
Whenever I begin, make sure to keep my empathy inside.
The agony preserved, your eyes are slowly losing all their softness.
The alcohol and thyme, so good must be a crime
I see you're fighting

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Put the Freaks Up Front Lyrics as written by Danny Mommens Craig Ward

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    "Put the freaks up front" was a george lucas quote which evidently was of some inspiration to Tom

    Buckoon December 04, 2004   Link

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