She's got me checking it out
She's got me speaking in tongues
Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah
La do da everyday

She's got me swimming in shit
She's got me choking on it
She's got me thinking
The knife is the right way to win


With her arms around the world she'll shine
Like a diamond in the midnight sky
There's no telling why
She'll shine
With her Arms Around the World

Tommorow...The World!

She's got me workin' that ass
She's got me scared to cum fast
She's got me pullin my cock everday all the time

She's got me pukin up blood
She's got me gettin' the runs
She's got me changing my sheets to seem clean
(though he's not)



Whatcha gonna do with her
She's no ordinary girl (3x)


(The Girls Side Of Things)

Well you never say you love me
And your always wantin' head
Your feet are just disgusting
And you're lousy in bed
Your brain is in your pants
And it's pretty small indeed
What you really, really need
Is a Mum and not a girlfriend


You like to chat up other girls
Just to get on my left tit
You're always on the way but you never do make it
You dick, you pig, your prick, just ain't worth this bullshit

(Metal Thunder Rolls)

(Country Thunder Rolls)

She don't care
(oo wee oo wee)
'bout her 9 (nine) to 5 (five)
(oo wee oo wee)
The way she been livin'
(oo wee oo wee)
Well, it's barely a life...

(Gurgle gurlge gurgle gurgle)

You complain bout my drink, my drug, my bike, my cat
the state of my flat, my hair, the clothes I choose to wear
Who cares, not me, you suck Motherbitch
That's right, I said you suck, you Motherbitch
Why are you so fuckin' useless all the fuckin' time

I'm at the end of this song
She's got me hangin'
She blown my mind all the time
In new ways, everyday I amazed, oh yea!

(Break down into chorus weepy bit accapella)
(A bunch of screaming)
(Chaotic outro vaguely based on the Bridge and some really good skunk)

Lyrics submitted by Psychedeliasmith

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