And you tell me this and you tell me that
No matter how the thing grows its still flat
And you showed me this
And you showed me that
Because of where you came from
You know where its at
Another Marxist celebration
This time with pipes instead of guns
With very little dedication
Its gonna take some dedication
And you showed me this and you showed me that
Because of where I came from
You know where I'm at
And you tell me this and you tell me that
No matter how round it feels its still flat
Its still flat
Another cosmic demonstration
With stars colliding into suns
It doesn't take imagination
Its just the way this stuff is done
Better than your imagination

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    yeah i agree. i always tell people that try to argue with me about religion "when humans came up with the idea of religion.. any religion it was a fact that the earth was flat and there was no idea of anykind of outerspace, they did not know that there was life before the humans on this same earth at that time. if i could go back in time and take the facts of science religion probably would not even be here atleast not as we know it" but seriously the people that wrote the bible thought the earth was flat and if you said otherwise they would have more than likely killed you for doubting the church. any belief worth having must survive doubt

    Dishwasheron May 09, 2005   Link
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    I think that this song is about drug induced lethargy-- how drugs have replaced politics and religion(another marxist celebration/this time with pipes instead of guns) and the line about how it's "better than your imagination" shows how stuff can really sap the personality and life right out of you.

    spindleon June 11, 2004   Link
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    I think still flat is like a person who still thinks the earth is flat instead of round, not literally, but like how they were raised/background makes them think that everything is right just because they were like told that at birth or something, and automatically accept it and thinkeveryone else is wrong, because it would be heretic to think otherwise aka refusal to step beyond what you know, because it actually takes "dedication" to do this, deep thought. this song reminds me of a kid I know who refuses to believe in evolution because of their upbringing, and chooses to totally ignore/dismiss any facts without even thinking about them, but still tries to tell everyone "where its at". Still as flat as the days before copernicus.

    starxyon June 18, 2004   Link
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    the religon thing makes sense, but to me its about the how stubborn everyone is. people see and believe whatever is inside of them, whatever they've always seen and believed. "it's gonna take some dedication" to change that. I recently read orwell's 1984 and its a bit like that: every person has their own reality and its just as real to everyone of them. in the book it takes some serious psycological and physical torture to change what he believes. The mind can overcome senses so that "no matter how round it feels it's still flat". anyway, its one of the better, more polished songs off the normal years. I'd like to see if Bts ever uses any other brass instruments in the future (trombone in this one, i read that that part was originally played by guitar but Netson decided to switch it up a little)

    jtn191on July 07, 2006   Link
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    comparing creationism to a belief that the world is flat; it's ignorant to deny scientific proof, or lack thereof.

    icymoreon August 25, 2009   Link
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    To me I think this song is just about a weed burnout. When people smoke they talk about how they're gonna change the world, and they have revolutionary ideas that are going to change society. Even in the lyrics it says "another Marxist demonstration, this time with pipes instead of guns" but then when the person isn't high anymore all is determination is lost and he has "very little dedication to anything that isn't fun".

    topicalrushon December 04, 2009   Link
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    it doesn't mean anything. i don't mean it means not something. look at these lines, "Another cosmic demonstration With stars colliding into suns It doesn't take imagination It's just the way this stuff is done Better than your imagination "

    Stars colliding into suns... it's the same thing. it takes no imagination. some things can't be thought.

    gochnatiaon June 05, 2010   Link
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    I think this song is about when a relationship goes flat. Or perhaps life in general. Nothing is new or exciting, just flat.

    narsilon September 14, 2002   Link

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