Either side of a thin blue line
A collection of satellites
Singing circles
Singing words that don't mean anything
But they keep me in orbit
And they keep me sure
Ooh I can see you
Ooh on a clear night
High up in the window
You're an astronaut
You're amnesia, you're a joke
Fingertips against the windscreen
You're on your way
You're on your way
But you can't look at both sides of the coin at the same time
And you can't make up your mind
Ooh I can hear you
On a clear night
I can see you
Singing circles away
Yeah, I will blow you out of the sky
If you won't get yourself down here
Yeah, I can hear you
On a clear night
I can see you
Singing circles away

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The Astronaut Lyrics as written by Paul Anthony Dempsey Clint Wesley Hyndman


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    General CommentThis song is so beautifully sung and the music is so moving, but I have no idea what the lyrics represent! if anyone knows, get back to me 'cos I've loved this song for ages and would like to know what it's actually about!
    kinky_kenny69on July 02, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI think it's about someone who you see as being completely full of themselves, maybe the tall poppy syndrome. 'I'll blow you out of the sky if you don't get yourself down here' is basically saying you'd be such a beautiful person if your head was to become a little less swollen. I give up trying to figure out what Paul thinks, as beautiful as his mind is, but that's my thoughts anyway.
    irdonnellyon July 02, 2002   Link
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    General Commentyeah, something for kate's songs are hard to understand, yet beautiful..
    thisisme2on May 18, 2005   Link
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    General Commentfirst of all i've always had the idea that the person paul is singing to in this song is a girl. a girl he likes. maybe that's a romantic preconception, or maybe it's just that i like to imagine that paul might be singing to me. because he's lovely and all.

    i don't think it's really a matter of understanding something for kate's songs, it's more responding to them and drawing your own interpretation. your interpretation isn't wrong, even if it wasn't exactly what paul was thinking when he wrote the song.

    i never really imagined the girl in this song to be full of herself. perhaps. but it seems to me that paul is singing about her with too much affection implied for him to be putting her down for having a swollen head.

    i figured she was more of a dreamer, not very down to earth. the fact paul describes her as an "astronaut" to me implies that she's always off in space, exploring places nobody has been before, because space is something we know very little about. he seems to associate her with a sort of magic: "ooh, i can see you... on a clear night i can see you, singing circles away"

    it also seems that this girl is a bit unattainable for him, picturing her high up in a window, in space, far away; and he asks her to get herself down to him "i will blow you out of the sky, if you don't get yourself down here". he says that she can't make up her mind.
    the song seems to be just describing the character of someone who isn't very stable or logical.
    mouth.tongue.teethon September 28, 2005   Link
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    General Commentmouth.tongue.teeth i love your post! I have had similar thoughts, but also other thoughts.

    I have seen it is maybe about people that are very naive about things. Messages are sent out into space in order to achieve "breakthroughs" as such, and this would be a person trying to achive this breakthrough with the person. Asking them to face up to reality, as hard as it may be. And dempsey is posibally suggesting that if the person does not being to naive then he will take it onto his own hands to make them know, which i guess is selfish. But that doesnt necesarilly mean that dempsey is selfish and forcefull. He could have written it about what a friend says about his partner. "he just cant admit it, and face that it's true"..sort of thing.

    You should hear this song live solo.. amazing. All the crowd sing :)
    tailtapon July 09, 2008   Link

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