"Something For The Weekend" as written by and Neil Hannon....
She said 'There's something in the woodshed
And I can hear it breathing
It's such and eerie feeling, darling'
He said 'There's nothing in the woodshed
It's your imagination
End of conversation, darling'

Something in his heart told him to come clean
He was not who he claimed to be
Something in his genes told him to pretend
'Twas something for the weekend

But she said 'There's something in the woodshed
I know because I saw it
I can't simply ignore it, darling
So he said 'Now baby don't be stupid
Get this into your sweet head
There ain't nothing in the woodshed
(Except maybe some wood)

Something in his heart told him to come clean
He was not who he claimed to be
Something in his genes told him to pretend
'Twas something for the weekend

I'll go all the way with you
If you'll only do the same for me - go and see
If it's nothing like you say
Then you can have your wicked way with me

It's something for the weekend

He went down to the woodshed
They came down hard on his head
Gagged and bound and left for dead
When he woke she was gone with his car and
All of his money

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"Something for the Weekend" as written by Neil Hannon

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Something For The Weekend song meanings
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    My InterpretationNeil Hannon was inspired to write this song by the actress Kate Beckinsale in the film Cold Comfort Farm, based on the book of the same name that made famous the quote "There's something nasty in the woodshed". He was quoted as saying: "Inspired by Kate Beckinsale's lovely face, and the idea that if anybody quite that beautiful ever took the slightest bit of interest in me, I'd be forever wondering whether they were simply humouring me, or had some more devious intentions hidden up their delicate sleeves. The idea, as the album opener, is that while love is a dangerous game, and usually ends in heartbreak, it's usually much more fun to dive in head first!"

    That's exactly what the song about; the man in the song is being taken advantage of by a beautiful woman, and although he's aware of this deep down he falls prey to his natural sexual instincts and allows her to lead him astray. The girl is only with him for his money and her concerns about 'something in the woodshed' are part of her scheme to rob him.

    The lyrics in the chorus mean that his heart is telling him to come clean about himself, i.e. he's probably lied about himself and his background to get with the girl. But 'Something in his genes/jeans' (a clever double meaning- 'genes' as in his natural male sex drive and 'jeans' meaning the condom in his pocket- the Something for the weekend) makes him turn a blind eye to his girlfriend's tricks purely out of the desire to get laid with her.

    So she tells him to go and check the woodshed, promising him sex if he does so. He gives in and goes to the woodshed, and lo and behold he's attacked by someone she's sent to hide in there (presumably a gang of hired thugs, I believe Mr Hannon said something along those lines) and gagged and bound so she can escape with his car and money.

    Message of the song: Men can be easily led astray by their own sex drive. Certain femme fatales may exploit this for their own gain (and having been involved with very attractive but very scheming women myself I know just where Neil Hannon was coming from!)!
    MaskOfSanityon November 29, 2011   Link
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    General Commented gein's woodshed?
    colskion December 06, 2011   Link
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    General Commenti love this song.... a guy is refusing to listen to his chick's concerns becos of the "something for the weekend" (old slang for condom) in his jeans (not genes!). obv he's a bit worried too, but he's gonna get laid if he puts it to one side... unlucky for him he really should have listened. good song!
    flutterbi333on April 17, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis song is great, it manages to be humorous yet still a great tune, it's really odd and unique just like all divine comedy songs.
    siradskion June 14, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI think this is a really sinister song, I love the way it's done the guys delivery is great. Definately wanna check out more of their stuff. Matt Morgan said there was darker version of this song would love to hear it
    Si_dufferson March 29, 2009   Link

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