Oh, hello and goodbye
so fast it's gone
I can't get your face from my mind
can't get your eyes from my
can't stop your voices
on that day you told me directions to
where I don't know now
it all flew by me
so all I can do is hope that you
come my way
oh and you're nowhere near me
that you'll be there and hope that
with luck, I'll see you again

Oh I didn't get your name
nor you mine
or the time of day
but you're stuck on me like a fly on a table
oh I'm waiting here where we stood for just a moment
and you stole my way
and I, and I wonder will I see you again
and way, way
without the smile, the smile that blows away
the wait is too long
I want this thing to go on
and there's no way that I might find you again
I must walk a way

I'm all released by time
bump into each other
it seems so right
and say hey aren't you the
weren't you the
don't you think
but I don't think it's going to happen today
I fear you'll remain a dream
rain, rain on me, yeah, yeah, yeah
your life is burned
your life burned into me
it did it
will I ever

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    General Commenthere are the right lyrics to this song
    So, um, so we’ve been doing this, uh, this tour, what I guess this is our
    Fifth show we’ve done, tim and i, and, uh... (applause) and, uh, so this little
    Song has been growing out, uh, while we’ve been playing, sort of a little
    Story. and the little story I was in new york city and, uh, I was walking down
    The street. trying to find the place I was going (I can’t remember where I was
    Going now). ’cause I met this girl and I asked her directions, you know. and
    She was, she was tiny, you know. she, she wasn’t young, she was just tiny. and,
    Uh, so I asked her directions and she said, ’oh that’s the way down there, walk
    Over there, go down there, you walk over there, and you go down there and then
    You’re there.’ something like that, anyway. so, uh, but I walked about ten
    Paces away and I was thinking... daaamn, that girl was fine. and, oh, I turned
    Around to tell her so, and ask her maybe her name, or maybe if we should go and
    Get a cup of, who knows, coffee or something. and I’m sure if I turned around
    And find
    Her there I would have found out something...

    But she talked so good
    But when I turned around, she was gone
    Oh, she was gone
    I didn’t even get her name, oh
    I thought, goddamn
    With your face in my mind
    And your voice in my ears
    To echoes
    Oh, I bought a lovely flower
    Standing there, we met that day
    And hope that you would return
    But, no, no, no

    I can’t remember where I was going
    But I can’t remember where I was leading to
    Or what led me to you, but
    Oh, and the weight is all through my head
    The look of you, the sound
    The way you cackled at me
    From then and then, I didn’t know where I was going
    But always I cry

    And so, hey, oh
    The hands that pour my hands on you again
    Hey, I will beg you, I’ll beg, oh
    See me, please find me again
    Oh, I’m lost again
    I sit here drinking coffee
    Or water depending the time of day
    But, oh, you’re with me like a ghost of a mother
    Oh, you’re with me like the pain of a father
    Oh, I wish i, I wish I could call you something
    Other than the girl that I saw then

    But, hey, I think that I would recognize you in a second
    But, hey, I only saw you for a minute, maybe less
    I don’t hold my hand where
    But I waited, honest
    I’m lost now, I’m lost now
    I can’t remember what I used to be
    But, oh, hey, yeah, weighted by the memory of
    The memory of a love that never got born, but hey
    Oh, hey

    Do I even cross your mind lately
    With more than just a laughing
    Did you think as you walked away, maybe
    You were, hey
    Oh, I hope you did
    So, hey, yeah
    You would, you would have been feeling
    The same thing as I am know
    agc116on January 26, 2005   Link

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