Seen a man standin' over a dead dog lyin' by the highway in a ditch
He's lookin' down kinda puzzled pokin' that dog with a stick
Got his car door flung open he's standin' out on highway 31
Like if he stood there long enough that dog'd get up and run
Struck me kinda funny seem kinda funny sir to me
Still at the end of every hard earned day people find some reason to believe

Now Mary Lou loved Johnny with a love mean and true
She said "Baby I'll work for you every day and bring my money home to you"
One day he up and left her and ever since that
She waits down at the end of that dirt road for young Johnny to come back
Struck me kinda funny seemed kind of funny sir to me
How at the end of every hard earned day people find some reason to believe

Take a baby to the river Kyle William they called him
Wash the baby in the water take away little Kyle's sin
In a whitewash shotgun shack an old man passes away take his body to the graveyard and over him they pray Lord won't you tell us
tell us what does it mean
Still at the end of every hard earned day people find some reason to believe

Congregation gathers down by the riverside
Preacher stands with his Bible groom stands waitin' for his bride
Congregation gone and the sun sets behind a weepin' willow tree
Groom stands alone and watches the river rush on so effortlessly
Wonderin' where can his baby be still at the end of every hard earned day people find some reason to believe

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    My Interpretation"Reason to Believe" reminds me somewhat of "Born in the USA" in that upon first listen, the sound of the song gives one distinct impression, though deeper examination of the lyrics gives one a slightly different one. "Born in the USA" has a chorus that, if one wasn't paying attention, seems like a joyous expression of patriotism.

    Similarly, "Reason to Believe," being probably the most upbeat song on the Nebraska album, appears to close the album with a lingering hopefulness after the bleak nature of first nine songs. Though immediately in the first verse, Springsteen paints a pathetic picture, of a man hoping against all reasonable hope that his dog will spring to life and return to the way it once was. Though the man somehow has found "a reason to believe," this verse is far from inspiring and comes across as merely sad. Could Springsteen be employing a touch of uncharacteristic ironic humor?

    The following verses continue the themes of loss. Though each character does maintain hope, Springsteen never gives any of these characters fulfillment, and leaves them waiting and longing for the days before their loss.

    This makes "Reason to Believe" a perfect fit as closer to a near perfect album.
    Vikings09on November 20, 2012   Link

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