A fallen time that's bygone
A crude elite that's from a distant zone
You turn a blind eye on what's brave
You don't know if it's the truth you told

Anger looks on the quiet dreaming
Seals the sense incandescent ones

Hold back desire for danger
A bet you lose, you'll have no way to turn
I see the man who lives and breathes corruption
Into a circle that you call you own yeah

Don't run away, from the pain
A claim that you deal with
A power game, from within
Impossible for you to see this
Oh yeah

Laid down the laws of deceit
The ones who cherish are the ones who'll go
Into the ashes of a tortured world
Only in mind's eye can you see a light

Harmony break, dark awakes
In old eyes The trouble, feel it
Here to stay
Mark the way, improvise the judgment hearing

Don't run away, from the pain
A claim that you deal with
A power game, from within
Impossible for you to see this

Anger looks on the quiet dreaming
Seals the scenes incandescent ones
All remains of the glowing embers
Is a bleak cold irrelevance

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Embers Fire Lyrics as written by N. Holmes G. Mackintosh

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Embers Fire song meanings
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    General Comment

    This song is really cool. The lyrics are good and the music is ... mind blowing.

    _gothqueen_on June 23, 2003   Link
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    General Comment

    I think this song is about a man fighting in a war who desires glory more than anything, but is afraid of death. There is a horrible enemy who threatens his way of life as well as his loved ones, but he is too powerful to face.

    dareisayaon October 06, 2007   Link
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    Song Meaning

    One of their best songs. At first I didn't have a clue on what the lyrics are about. But as I got more into it, some ideas started to appear. I believe Nick Holmes tries to bring forth the secret societies that pull the strings on the world. Here are some of my ideas:

    "A crude elite that's from a distant zone"

    The elite are the few privileged, usually born in filthy rich families, they don't know how real life is, they belong to a distant zone.

    "You don't know if It's the truth you told"

    A commoner cannot be sure what he hears in the news and he or she then reproduces, if it is really true or something fabricated.

    "Hold back desire for danger A bet you lose, you'll have no way to turn"

    Some people may want to fight these societies, but compared to the power they have, the people are weak and they should stand back if they want to live. I don't think Holme's wants to discourage people from fighting, but rather stresses how powerful these people are.

    "I see the man who lives and breathes corruption Into a circle that you call you own"

    This is about one of the elites that is on the spotlight, perhaps a politician. Leading a corrupted life protected by his inner circle.

    "A power game, from within, Impossible for you to see this"

    This is the biggest truth of the song. Some of us would label all the secret society theories as "conspiracy", but whatever our opinion is, we will never be able to tell the truth. If these games for power are really happening, they are behind closed doors and it's impossible for a simple man to infiltrate reality.

    "Laid down the laws of deceit"

    This is probably a reference to the laws that govern all people and that most of them are created and imposed to the politicians by people in big corporations trying to control and manipulate people.

    "The ones who cherish are the ones who'll go

    Into the ashes of a tortured world" Only the people who are part of these societies and support them will have a place in a New World Order. For them, the world, much like a Phoenix will be consumed in fire and then will be born again from its ashes. Most people will perish, but from the ashes the few followers will thrive.

    "Only in mind's eye can you see a light"

    This can mean two things. Either that only through critical thinking you can see through the elite's lies, or it is a reference to the symbol of the All Seeing Eye which is one of the symbols the society of the Illuminati use. The Illuminati are the "Enlightened" ones, hence they believe that only they can see a "light", the truth about life.

    "Harmony break, dark awakes, in old eyes The trouble, feel it"

    These societies, mostly comprised of sinister old men, will rise at some point and all harmony will be lost. The song wants us to feel the impending disaster.

    "Here to stay, mark the way, Improvise the judgment hearing"

    All the secret societies, if real, they have been around for hundreds of years and they won't be easy to get rid of. We can only hope and be ready for when some of them are brought to justice.

    As to the title, I believe it has to do with the aforementioned metaphorical fire, that will destroy the world, only to reshape it as the elite leaders see fit.

    LaraCrofton May 26, 2012   Link
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    General Comment

    I have no idea what it means (what a surprise!), but it has one of the all-time best lower budget videos ever. It looked awesome at the time and it still does.

    The Knaveon June 05, 2005   Link
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    General Comment

    What a solo, definitely one of the most unique rhythm sections in all of gothic metal. I think the comment above mine is what this is about, great lyrics as well

    Lateralus518on December 27, 2007   Link
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    General Comment

    paradise lost is amazing . I like them same as like metallica and megadeth. Is there any other awesome band like them?

    faeaston December 09, 2009   Link
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    General Comment

    It is about rock fame. It brings a lot of power and fun, but if you want to stay, you better be ready for the pain. It ain't easy to stay at the top.

    TibiGCon December 26, 2016   Link

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