Feel this,
To all those races, colors, and creeds, every man bleeds for the
Countless victims and all their families of
The murdered, tortured and slaved, raped, robbed and persecuted
Never again, to the men, women, and children.
Who died in their struggle to survive, never to be forgotten.
Reuven ben menachum, yo

Yo my own blood, dragged through the mud
Perished in my heart still cherished and loved
Stripped of our pride, everything we lived for
Families cried, there's no where to run to, no where to hide
Tossed to the side, access denied
Six million died for what? Yo a man shot dead in his back
Helpless women and children under constant attack
For no reason, till the next season, and we still bleeding
Yo it's freezing, and men burn in hell, some for squeezing
No hope for a remedy, nothing to believe
Moving targets who walk with the star in their sleeve
Forever marked wit a number, tattooed to your body
Late night, eyes closed, clutched to my shotty
Having visions, flashes of death camps and prisons, no provisions
Deceived by the devils decisions, forced into a slave
Death before dishonor for those men who were brave
Shot and sent to their grave, can't awaken, it's too late
Everything's been taken, I'm shaken, family, history, the making

Never again shall we march like sheep to the slaughter
Never again shall we sit and take orders
Stripped of our culture, robbed of our name
Raped of our freedom and thrown into the flames
Forced from our families, taken from our homes
Moved from our god then burned of our bones
Never again, never again, shall we march like sheep to the slaughter
Leave our sons and daughters, stripped of our culture
Robbed of our name
Raped of our freedom and thrown into the flames
Forced from our families, taken from our homes
Moved from our god and everything we own

Some fled through the rumors of wars
But most left were dead, few escaped to the shores
With just one loaf of bread, banished, hold in for questioning
And vanished, never to be seen again, I can't express the pain
That was felt in the train to Auschwitz, tears poured down like rain
Naked face to face, with the master race, hatred blood and David
My heart belongs to God and stay sacred
Rabbi's and priests, disabled individuals
The poor, the scholars all labeled common criminals
Mass extermination, total annihilation
Shipped into the ghetto and prepared for liquidation
Tortured and starved, innocent experiments
Stripped down and carved up or gassed to death
The last hour, I smelled the flowers
Flashbacks of family then sent to the showers
Powerless undressed, women with babies clumped tight to their chest
Crying, who would've guessed, dying, another life lost
Count the cost, another body gas burned and tossed in the holocaust


Never again, never again
The final solution is now retribution
Remedy, Wu-Tang

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Never Again Lyrics as written by Fred Roger Jr. Nelson Douglas James Eldridge

Lyrics © THE BICYCLE MUSIC COMPANY, Universal Music Publishing Group

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    i cant believe noone ever wrote about this song....it is clearly beautiful to see wu tang, a hardcore rap group to compose such a great song to honor the 6million....the language at the end is hebrew by the way....

    trphgon March 09, 2003   Link
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    great song, one of my favorite rap songs, i dont even like remedy that much but this song is very powerfull, i like the line never again alot

    goomba555213on January 10, 2005   Link
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    this song is very well written and very well put together. a+ in my book

    pinkfloydon May 17, 2004   Link
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    Too bad this wasn't exactly by Wu Tang. This was some white dude named Remedy that actually did a pretty good job rapping about the holocaust. I think the RZA may have produced it though.

    UwASToLdWronGon January 01, 2005   Link
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    The Hebrew at the end:

    Shema Yisrael, adonai elo hainu adonai echod

    Hear oh Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is one.

    deeplyricson March 30, 2008   Link
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    Also, the planning in the beginning is the prayer of wine.

    sillitneb011294on January 19, 2009   Link

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