Uh, yeah
Another one of those
(This is for my nigga Q)
Down to earth joints
(Rest in peace, baby
You know how we roll)
There's so many that don't know (you knew I could do it)
They don't know who we be (this goes out to my nigga Q, rest in peace, baby)
They don't know who we be (but you still here with me)

What they don't know is
The bullshit, the drama (uh), the guns, the armor (uh)
The city, the farmer, the babies, the mama (what)
The projects, the drugs (uh), the children, the thugs (uh)
The tears, the hugs, the love, the slugs (come on)
The funerals, the wakes, the churches, the coffins (uh)
The heartbroken mothers, it happens too often (why?)
The problems, the things we use to solve 'em (what)
Yonkers, the Bronx (uh), Brooklyn, Harlem (come on)
The hurt, the pain, the dirt, the rain (uh)
The jerk, the fame, the work, the game (uh)
The friends, the foes, the Benz, the hoes (what)
The studios, the shows, comes and it goes (come on)
The jealousy, the envy, the phony, the friendly (uh-huh)
The one that gave 'em the slugs, the one that put 'em in me (woo)
The snakes, the grass too long to see (uh, uh)
The lawnmower sittin' right next to the tree (come on)

They don't know who we be
They don't know who we be
They don't know who we be
They don't know who we be

What we seeing is
The streets, the cops, the system, harassment (uh-huh)
The options, get shot, go to jail, or getcha ass kicked (aight)
The lawyers, the part they are of the puzzle (uh-huh)
The release, the warning, "Try not, to get in trouble" (damn)
The snitches, the odds (uh), probation, parole (what)
The new charge, the bail, the warrant, the hole (damn)
The cell, the bus, the ride up north (uh-huh)
The greens, the boots, the yard, the court (uh)
The fightin', the stabbin', the pullin', the grabbin' (what)
The riot squad with the captain, nobody knows what happened (what)
The two years in a box, revenge, the plots (uh)
The twenty-three hours that's locked, the one hour that's not (uh)
The silence, the dark, the mind so fragile (aight)
The wish that the streets would have took you when they had you (damn)
The days, the months, the years, despair
One night on my knees, here it comes, the prayer

They don't know who we be
They don't know who we be
They don't know who we be
They don't know who we be

This here is all about
My wife, my kids (uh-huh), the life that I live (uh-huh)
Through the night I was his (uh-huh), it was right what I did (uh-huh)
My ups and downs (uh), my slips, my falls (uh)
My trials and tribulations (uh), my heart, my balls (uh)
My mother, my father, I love 'em, I hate 'em (uh)
Wish God, I didn't have 'em, but I'm glad that he made 'em (uh)
The roaches, the rats, the strays, the cats (what, what)
The guns, knives and bats, every time we scrap
The hustlin', the dealin', the robbin', the stealin' (uh)
The shit hit the ceilin', little boy with no feelin's (damn)
The frustration, rage, trapped inside a cage
The beatings 'til the age I carried a twelve gauge (aight)
Somebody stop me (please), somebody come and get me (what)
Little did I know that the Lord was ridin' with me
The dark, the light (uh), my heart (uh), the fight (uh)
The wrong (uh), the right (uh), it's gone (uh), aight

They don't know who we be
They don't know who we be
They don't know who we be
They don't know who we be
They don't know who we be (come on)
(They don't know who we be) Man, listen
(They don't know who we be) These motherfuckers don't know who we are, they don't know
(They don't know who we be) They couldn't possibly fuckin' know, dog)
That's from the heart
(Come on)

(Dog, this shit is crazy)

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Who We Be Lyrics as written by Earl Simmons Mickey Davis

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    General Commentme 2 plus he doesn't go into detail about what he's talking about so it leaves to the imagination just exactly what he's talking about.
    psycochicon June 05, 2002   Link

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