Intro: Makaveli

Makaveli in this... Killuminati, all through your body
The blow's like a twelve gauge shotty
Uhh, feel me!
And God said he should send his one begotten son
to lead the wild into the ways of the man
Follow me; eat my flesh, flesh and my flesh

Chorus: Makaveli

Come with me, Hail Mary
Run quick see, what do we have here
Now, do you wanna ride or die
La dadada, la la la la

Verse One: Makaveli

I ain't a killer but don't push me
Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to gettin pussy
Picture paragraphs unloaded, wise words bein quoted
Peeped the weakness int he rap game and sewed it
Bow down, pray to God hoping that he's listenin
Seein niggaz comin for me, to my diamonds, when they glistenin
Now pay attention, rest in peace father
I'm a ghost in these killin fields
Hail Mary catch me if I go, let's go deep inside
the solitary mind of a madman who screams in the dark
Evil lurks, enemies, see me flee
Activate my hate, let it break, to the flame
Set trip, empty out my clip, never stop to aim
Some say the game is all corrupted, fucked in this shit
Stuck, niggaz is lucky if we bust out this shit, plus
mama told me never stop until I bust a nut
Fuck the world if they can't adjust
It's just as well, Hail Mary

Chorus 2X

Verse Two: Makaveli

Penetentiaries is packed with promise makes
Never realize the precious time the bitch niggaz is wastin
Instutionalized I lived my life a product made to crumble
But too hardened for a smile, we're too crazy to be humble, we ballin
Catch me father please, cause I'm fallin, in the liquor store
That's the Hennessee I hear ya callin, can I get some more?
Hail til I reach Hell, I ain't scared
Mama checkin in my bedroom; I ain't there
I got a head with no screws in it, what can I do
One life to live but I got nuttin to lose, just me and you
on a one way trip to prison, sellin drugs
We all wrapped up in this livin, life as Thugs
To my homeboys in Quentin Max, doin they bid
Raise hell to this real shit, and feel this
When they turn out the lights, I'll be down in the dark
Thuggin eternal through my heart, now Hail Mary nigga

Chorus 2X

Verse Three: Kastro, Young Noble

They got a APB, out on my Thug family
Since the Outlawz run these streets, like these skanless freaks
Our enemies die now, walk around half dead
Head down, K blasted off Hennessee and Thai
Tryin it, mixed it, now I'm twisted blisted and high
Visions of me, Thug livin gettin me by
Forever live, and I multiply survived by Thugs
When I die they won't cry unless they comin with slugs

Peep the whole scene and whatever's goin on around me
Brain kinda cloudy, smoked out feelin rowdy
Ready to wet the party up, and whoever in that motherfucker
Nasty new street, slugger my heat seeks suckers
on the regular mashin in a black Ac Integ-ra
Cock back, sixty seconds til the draw that's when I'm dead in ya
Feet first, you got a nice gat but my heat's worse
From a Thug to preachin church, I gave you love now you eatin dirt
Needin work, and I ain't the nigga to put you on
Cause word is bond when I was broke I had to hustle til dawn
That's when sun came up, there's only one way up
hold ya head and stay up, to all my niggaz get ya pay and weight up

If it's on then it's on, we break beat-breaks
Outlawz on a paper chase, can you relate
to this shit I don't got, be the shit I gotta take
Dealin with fate, hoping God don't close the gate
If it's on then it's on, we break beat-breaks
Outlawz on a paper chase, can you relate
to this shit I don't got, be the shit I gotta take
Dealin with fate, hoping God don't close the gate

Chorus (repeats in background)

Outro: Prince Ital

We've been traveling on this wavy road
Long time til I be take off this load
But we ride, ride it like a bullet
Hail Mary, Hail Mary
We won't worry everyting will come real
Free like the bird in the tree
We won't worry everyting will come real
Yes we free like the bird in the tree
We runnin from the penetentiary
This is the time for we liberty
Hail Mary, Hail Mary


Westside, Outlawz, Makaveli the Don, Solo, Killuminati, The 7 Days

Lyrics submitted by spliphstar

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    General Comment

    "Hail Mary". Great song on a great disc by a great artist. Many have done songs with this beat, or sampled his vocals, but nothing is as good as the original. Props to Eminem and Busta Rhymes for the remake, their verses were good but they should have left Filthy Scent, I mean Fifty Cent, out of it. Rest in peace Tupac Amaru Shakur, you are a Legend and no amount of haters can change that.

    bLiTz_2k5on January 12, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    I just wanted to share that this lyrical masterpiece "Hail Mary" when I heard it for the very first time 20years ago it totally ignited & planted the seed, opened my eyes of who & what the evil illuminati are. I'm an ex- female gang member, single mother of 4daughters and I now volunteer my time as 2PaC did out in the community. Outreaching, specializing & passionate in gang prevention. My oldest daughter is a Junior in high school as her primary teacher you better believe she knows who 2PaC is and his family revolutionary history..... As a Catholic chick, the overall content of "Hail Mary" is personally very very symbolic, even almost making me think positively 2PaC is venerating and praying honoring The Holy Mother of God asking her for help and protection guidance the mysterious and deep significance to Mary is astounding.... Luke 1:28 ... HeLp SaVe SouLs... (JMJ*)

    MsMaRia805on April 05, 2016   Link
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    General Comment

    my God no one is commenting!though i aint a big fan of this genre (rap) but i luv this mans me this is a clue to the controversy that 2pac is alive and not dead!as many lines go this way : I AM A GHOST IN THE KILLING FIELD(as said that he faked his death to kill)notorious b.i.g) and the other thing is about his life as a THUG!many lines go telling about killing ppl,and how he hates it but still he gotta do it.....cuz THERES ONLE LIFE AND HE WANTS TO LIVE IT!

    undisturbedon July 03, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    I can't believe that no one has anything to say about Tupac... damn, hes the best rapper ever to live! This is my favorite song and will be forever...

    sugarelyse01on July 06, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    exactly! this is my fav song too

    dncnmami018on August 17, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    the place where 2pac is at is the place where you should be at

    junkyardd0g777on March 08, 2003   Link
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    General Comment

    Tupac Shakur R.I.P

    cherrychew22on April 11, 2003   Link
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    General Comment

    my fav song as well ;]

    ladii bon April 18, 2003   Link
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    General Comment

    sunshgine go listen to some of yur fuking emo b4 i pop a cap 2pac lives forver in his music

    ~ReP-It-uP~on April 26, 2003   Link
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    General Comment

    sunshine fuh q, tupac is the greatest rapper of all time. This song is true to me because most mexicans are catholic and believe in praying to the virgen mary. I knew people who do kill their enemies and pray to "make it better". R.I.P 2pac and your music will live on

    chronic bionic manon June 17, 2003   Link

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