now here i go,
hope i don't break down,
i won't take anything, i don't need anything,
don't want to exist, i can't persist,
please stop before i do it again,
just talk about nothing, let's talk about nothing,
let's talk about no one, please talk about no one, someone, anyone
you and me have a disease,
you affect me, you infect me,
i'm afflicted, you're addicted,
you and me, you and me
i'm on the edge,
get against the wall,
i'm so distracted,
i love to strike you,
here's my confession,
you learned your lesson,
stop me before i do it again
you're clear - as a heavy lead curtain want to drill you - like an ocean,
we can work it out, i've been running out, now i'm running out
don't be mad about it baby,
you and me, you and me,
i want to tie you, crucify you,
kneel before you, revile your body,
you and me, we're made in heaven,
i want to take you, i want to break you,
supplicate you, are incurable,
i want to bathe you in holy water i want to kill you,
upon the alter, you and me, you and me.

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    General Comment
    I think the "unhealthy relationship" interpretation is very plausible, but what kind of relationship? A relationship between two humans or between a person and god? This song was written by Brett and i get the impression he's always had a love/hate relationship with God or the notion of God. I get the feeling sometimes he's doesnt know where he stands. Is he an Atheist? Agnostic? Does he believe? I think his frustration from his uncertainty is illuminated when he says: i want to tie you, crucify you, kneel before you, revile your body, you and me, we're made in heaven, i want to take you, i want to break you, supplicate you, are incurable, i want to bathe you in holy water i want to kill you, By saying this I think he desperately wants certainty. If only he could destroy God, or the notion of God then he'd be certain of himself, his existence...etc. This just one more interpretation we could put out on the table. Interpret it anyways you want to.
    wrinkledPholeon April 18, 2004   Link
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    General Comment
    This song was written by Brett, who had a MAJOR MAJOR drug addiction. This song is about drug abused/addiction.
    ColoradoBoy19on January 10, 2014   Link
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    General Comment
    Its so funny that everyone swears they know exactly what this song is about. The band would probably give a different meaning to all of you's. I'd say its about the disease of addiction. Drug addiction
    nomad463on November 02, 2014   Link
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    General Comment
    you have no idea about the song, and its your song, ROFL, wouldnt be so funny if the meaning of it was different. Also epiphany sounds nothing and has nothing to do with the ideas of this song.
    threaton June 07, 2002   Link
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    General Comment
    ITS NOT ABOUT LOVE its saying were infected with religion listen to the words in the background ill cruciffy u etc. u guys need to look deeper into songs.
    kuffson September 08, 2002   Link
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    General Comment
    I think this song is about a very common kind of relationship that so many of us have been in...toxic. Where (very often sexually) you're addicted to one another but it's one fight after another, domestic violence (I won't say abuse because very often she's fighting back and causing as much damage or antagonizing it) and you're just downright bad for one another. It's one of those relationships that when you constantly hear about the problems, after a while you just roll your eyes and hope that one day both can go their own seperate ways and be done with it.
    Sun_witchon August 22, 2008   Link
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    General Comment
    This guy in high school dedicated this song for me. He never told me directly, but it was obvious I knew it through others. Years later when I contacted him on a social media sight, he immediately put this song when you opened his page. I always felt that this song was about being obsessed with someone and being "Infected" a person that pushes you to obsession, but maybe in an unhealthy way? I never thought of this song as someone actually infecting someone literally. The bipolar explanation makes sense too. I guess everyone will interpret it in different ways and according to their own experience.
    dontdoubiton July 11, 2013   Link
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    My Interpretation
    I never wanted to be a person to tell someone how they should interpret a song, but I just wanted to give my thoughts: Instead of an abusive relation, it's more co-dependent. Why would an abuser address their victim on equal grounds ("You and me, you and me") and give them any sort of power over them ("You affect me, You infect me)? Unless it's utter lip service, which abusers are known to do granted, but then the song loses a lot of it's meaning, you know? It's an unhealthy cycle, and they balance on a delicate line in order not to break out fighting again. In a normal couple, people can trust each other. But these guys, anything thing can set them off. Hell, maybe there was some cheating in the past, and that's why she can't even mention another person without him getting suspicious. The second verse is difficult because there's so many different combinations how the lines should match. Is he telling to further herself from him because he's close to snapping, or is it that he needs to cool himself off before he does snap? Is there still a lingering urge to smack her (regardless of what the previous line is)? Is his confession that he learned his lesson which is they need to stop before they start another fight, or is he referring to the other person learning that they need to stop before they repeat their actions? Is the entire verse about how he's admitting that he has out of control angry that's unjustified because she's already apologized or is this all about how they just push each other to the breaking point, forgive and forget, rinse and repeat? And a like codependent relationship, there's the extreme emotions; obsession, control, caretaking, people-pleasing, and denial.
    Kaskaon May 15, 2017   Link
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    General Comment
    I think this song is talking about what goes through the head of an abusive husband, or what he tries to put across to his wife. Its an incredible song.
    ChodaBraideron May 01, 2002   Link
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    General Comment
    This is a remarkable song. I think it is about an unhealthy relationship. Maybe not a physically abusive one but just unhealthy for some reason. Both people know it is unhealthy but they can't stay away even though it causes them trouble. It is a great song
    crick23on May 29, 2002   Link

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