Why do people always wanna know about Richter what I do at home, how much I really smoke if I really got as many bongs as I claim if my bark's about drinkin just a game well listen up drinkin vodka blue lable smiroff on the rocks wishin I had my sack but I left it a Pak's walkin' up to my own crib comin from the garage vape rips got me trippin shit I almost got lost but the night ain't over yet I got places to go hit the bar to get faded but I needed some more I told him make sure its mean but when he brought my bag of green if you don't that's new lingo a phazers an eighth it was the B.C. so I only got phaze know what I mean I don't get more than an eighth if there ain't crip out on the plate, new saying its not crip doesn't mean that it ain't kind it just means the herb you got ain't' close to half as good as mine that's right the truth hurts but not as bad as the dirt, comin up through your throat when you choke and that's my word, damn that shit burns I don't even like to think , about the cottonmouth you'd suffer if you didn't have a drink. cause these are the types of things I do and these are the types of tales I tell people ask me if I smoke I say I do and the smoke I exhale got that chronic smell wake up when I want cause that's the life I lead out every night takin trips every week only smokin outta glass while you hittin metal pipes hangin out with my peeps just livin the life international flights passport gettin filled you know the show'll be tight if KMK's on the bill when the crowds gettin tired its their heads that bob punk rock hip hop pits never seem to stop I got a job but I ain't callin it work gettin paid to smoke herb ain't work its absurd kottonmouth kings taken over this millennium suburban noize family I know you will be feelin em comin out your stereo or seein us on stage leavin thousands astonished leavin ladies in a daze people shocked and amazed the weak hearted seem to faint when they take one hit off of Johnny Richter's dank cause I keep goin continuously flowin like the wrappers on my condoms people say that I am golden flowin like my hydro when I wow those near and far I'd rather have 10 pounds of chronic then a fancy fuckin car cause these are the types of things I do and these are the types of tales I tell people ask me if I smoke I say I do and the smoke I exhale got that chronic smell stumble in the front door throw my jacket on the ground looked left looked right shit I looked all around the house was all quiet didn't hear a single sound grabbed a bottle of bacardi and proceeded to pound about a quarter way through bout 11:32 headed to Del Taco cause I need to get some food if not I'm gonna puke and I don't want that shouldn't of drank 20 beers shouldn't have smoked 10 bt's couldn't relax that is my stomach of course shit was comin up fast and it was chargin with force flew past my vocal cords quickly approaching my teeth throwin up every color red yellow orange green there it was for me to see right in front of my eyes a burrito two tacos and my chili cheese fries now there's a lesson to learn if you listen right here beer liquor never sicker liquor beer you in the clear cause these are the types of things I do and these are the types of tales I tell people ask me if I smoke I say I do and the smoke I exhale got that chronic smell

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