We put some of the illest beats from the west coast into circulation
You swept them under the rug cuz we was Caucasian
Had you even second guessin our hip hop occupation
We don’t give a fuck about Mtv or your local radio station
Kottonmouth Kings serves the underground nation

oh no I’m back in the scene still same car
same zip code didn’t move too far
same old friends same old story
drink throw up then puke and rally
same old pets I still got Ed
quit smokin boges now i get head instead
same old bed but i got new sheets
cause the ass i hit now yo you wouldn’t believe
still smokin pot still dodgin cops
two things in my life that are never gonna stop
still drivin high bust the same ol tricks
50-50 on the lip kickflip off the hit
same ol jokes pop the same size tokes
still hit the river in the same dope boats
still no coke but smoke an ounce a day
and any j in the rotation is done

Our whole life is a paid vacation
You probably wont hear us on your radio station
Cuz beats like these bang the underground nation
Joints keep blazin constantly rotatin
Forever circulating on a quest to be free

Goddamn i got some worn out shit
The same old pants and the dirty ass lid
My worn out socks and my worn out shoes
Still got the same ol sweaters that i never even use
I gotta worn out couch in the middle of my house
It’s all fuckin faded cuz i always pass out
My bike still rolls you know the BK’s a ripper
My skate’s gettin old but i got some new stickers
?? the faders leeking over
broke another bong and lost a big nug of ganja
?? just got burned by some candles
i misplaced my records and i smoked all my kamels
the table in my kitchen gots a chip up in the glass
and the pressure from the faucet for the water dont blast
im gonna lose it my shits goin south on me
I\'m done
damn, i need some money

Our whole life is a paid vacation
You probably wont hear us on your radio station
Cuz beats like these bang the underground nation
Joints keep blazin constantly rotatin

Same ol X same punk rock veins
Same bounced checks just sign different names
Same ol sheets got the crusty cum stains
Same dirty thoughts, I’m a dick for brains
Same ol story same ol routine
same nympho same old butt fiend
same ol player same ol ass ways
same ol number back from my club days

Same ol Same ol we got some new shit
I just bought a truck and i got a new crib
well you got a new crib i just purchased a pound
I’m bout to chop it all up and slang it around my town
well i’ma need about 4 to drop my price to the ground
it ain’t as serious as it sounds
to the people that have laid the foundation
bob marley cypress hill Too Short and Total Devastation

Our whole life is a paid vacation
You probably wont hear us on your radio station
Cuz beats like these bang the underground nation
Joints keep blazin constantly rotatin
Forever circulatin on the quest to be free..

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