Be careful how you walk
These days are evil look how you talk
I hear there are people that are listening
This mystery is up to you
So you be careful what you do
I know there are people who are wondering

These are the days of farewell
Halfway undecided that's our peace, that's our peace

Be careful the friends you keep
He might not really be your friend
He belongs to the wishing and the wandering
Be careful too much at stake
You don't want ever to be wronged
Don't you ever let the dirty business make you clean

Amen Amen

Glory be to God I will bless the Lord at all times
His words shall continually be in my mouth with praise
For I am here today 'cause He said that I would live
There's no reason why HIV shouldn't have missed my daughter and my life
But it did through the eyes of God, he saw fit for me to be here
I will praise the Lord at all times
As we live in the last days the Devil will always be up under my feet
And I will praise his name

Don't you pretend to be something
That you are not hear me my friend
I'll tell you what I know it will only sicken you
Let us be grateful for what you've got
Help me to know what I am not
Of my friend there are people who are wondering


These are the days of farewell
It's undecided, it's undecided
Oh my friend, oh my friend, oh my friend
My friend, my friend, my friend
It's undecided
Too much, too much, too much
Too much at stake for you and me

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Days of Farewell Lyrics as written by Myers Mellencamp

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