Where am I? Where are you?
There's so much time so little to do
We're busy doing nothing cause it's vanity we prize
You can't see nothing cause you can't see through your eyes
They're covered with a film, you're blinded by yourself
You're the one to blame but you pretend it's someone else

Life could you be a little softer to me
Life could you be more gentle to me
Softer, softer, softer
Softer to me

I'm still alive, that much is true
I've never lied, well, I guess I've told a few
There's nothing to see because I brought nothing to show
The conversation got too deep, I shrug and tell you I don't know
This world can get so hard, this world can be so cruel
Sometimes I fall apart I feel just like a useless tool

Life could you be a little softer to me
Life could you be a more gentle to me
Yeah I know, this is a selfish plea
Because Christ sacrificed his flesh
On the cross for me

But this world is hard, it's cruel and I wish it could be
Softer, softer, softer
Softer to me

(Softer to me)

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Softer to Me Lyrics as written by Matthew Arnold Thiessen

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    General CommentOk, I realize I must not have much of a life to comment on an argument 5+ years old, but just like the many who have already posted, I have to get my opinion out.
    I am sorry that some people feel that Christians are pushing their beliefs down your throats. As an ex-atheist, I understand how you feel. I hated people for trying to tell me about God and Jesus. I thought most of them were close-minded, delusional idiots. But then one day my eyes were opened, and I saw the truth. When I finally excepted Christ as my Savior, I realized all those people were only doing it out of love, because they wanted me to go to heaven. Now, I understand I am called to spread the gospel, but only in a loving, kind way- and I am sorry if a Christian has ever been anything other than loving in their witness.

    Now, about God in music.
    1) God created music- it should be used to glorify him, just as his creation, I should follow him.
    2) Music is an expression of life, feelings, and beliefs, secular or Christian. If God is someone's life, makes them feel loved and grateful, and they believe in Jesus, then they should sing about God.

    Finally, when you tell a Christian not to spread their beliefs, or that they are stupid and God doesn't exist, you are only spreading you're own beliefs and doing exactly what you condemn- so think about it next time, and be fair.
    luv4Jon July 21, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIt takes a lot more talent to put in religous beliefs into a song then to just come up with any old radio song. I mean what takes more talent writing this song or "in the car I just can't wait to pick you up on our very first date...." We (Christians) actually have a motive to write, Jesus, but Blink182 there motive is to get money. Also Just because a band mentions Jesus in their songs doesn't mean they suck. And nor just because a band is christian does that mea nthey suck. Many Bands are Christian (i.e. Creed, & MxPX, just to name a few) that are popular.
    Emericanskateron June 11, 2002   Link
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    General CommentBlinkfan Blink doesn't have skill. Have you listend to the Guitar. Not Skill. And mark or tom who ever sings adam's song sucks at singing he is whining. You are such a front running little wanna be punk. L.O.S.E.R is right on the music you wanna listen too if you want REAL punk. Cause Blink and Them aren't real punk. They do not have talent in the writing area. Their songs are so lame. I have looked at the lyrics in Blink's songs. They are all about women, all about different women, and stupid preverted pointless stuff. The Christian bands aren't buying a cheap ticket into heaven either. They know the real way you get into heaven, and it isn't being a good little boy/girl and following the rules. They know you have to accept Christ as lord and Savior. And that he sacrificed his life on the cross for us.
    Emericanskateron June 21, 2002   Link
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    General CommentGod and music can be mixed, and if you don't like it, don't listen to it. There are plenty of anti-God bands, Strung Out, Pennywise, etc...but if you hear a song by a Christian band, like it, and then find out they are Christians and go on a rampage, you are an idiot. About the comment a few above me, saying music should be used only to glorify God, that is a stupid statement. Music should be expression of self, and if the self in question doesn't believe they have the right to say what they believe.
    WARADEon September 24, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthis song rocks:D:D its got a real good beat and its talkin bout a person whos screwin up their life or its either him talkin bout himself and what his life is like and hes goin on about how he thinks the world is cruel and he wishes life cud be more easier for him but he knows in his heart its a selfish plea and christ sacrificed his flesh on the cross for all of us and its talkin also bout his faith
    krystalskates15on March 19, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI have never heard of this band or any of their songs but wow these lyrics are really good, tis a song that ppl can relate to. So now I am off to look at other lyrics of these ppl. :)
    DeathscytheHellon March 19, 2002   Link
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    General CommentRelient K rocks my world, this song talks so deep about how vain people are when they only think about themselves and they forget the sacrifices others have made (espically Jesus Christ) for us!
    mary12425on May 26, 2002   Link
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    General Commentgosh, whats with the hating, relient k is a christian band, i think they have a right to sing about Jesus.. geez.. if you dont like it then dont listen to it, but they're an awesome band and i love their lyrics.
    weezergirlon June 12, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti love this song.....hey relient k fans, dont worry 'bout that blink fan.....hes just doesnt want to admit the truth
    Bryant the Greaton June 13, 2002   Link
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    General CommentJust to let whoever know that POD and Lifehouse are Christian too! I think that most Christian bands beat out secular ones in talent in everything they do. But I mean, God's got they're back so of course they would! :-D
    DannieGirlon June 13, 2002   Link

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