It's a hot night at the juke joint
And the bands pumpin' rhythm and blues
Gonna spill a little rock and roll blood tonight
Gonna make some front page news
And the ladies hate the violence
Still they never seem to look away

'Cause they love those
Wild eyed southern boys
Wild eyed boys
Wild eyed southern boys

It's a southern point of honor
You got a get right in on the action
You can hear the outlaws holler
Fight for the lady in black
And she's just one in a million
But she's all I need tonight

'Cause she loves those
Wild eyed southern boys
Wild eyed boys
Wild eyed southern boys

Wild eyed boys, oh yeah
Wild eyed boys

A man of wealth and power
Is out on the dance hall floor
He got a champagne Eldorado parked outside the door
And he's looking for a honky tonk angel
But he don't stand a chance in hell

'Cause he ain't no wild eyed southern boy
Wild eyed boy
Wild eyed southern boys, wild eyed boy
Wild eyed southern boys, wild eyed boy
Wild eyed southern boys, wild eyed boy
Wild eyed southern boys, wild eyed boy
Wild eyed southern boys, wild eyed boy

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Wild-Eyed Southern Boys Lyrics as written by James M. Peterik

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Wild Eyed Southern Boys song meanings
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    Yeeeee hii! im onea those wild eyed southrn boys 2 man! this song maks u feel prowd that yore a reel rednek southrnr and not sum dumass yankey! its a song bout bein a reel man an kikin ass for a hot bich u prolly wont cal bak anyway. i always liekd 38 special a lot. i liek drivin round in my 1989 camaro with tha radeo turned way up aftur i git outa my suky carpet mil job. put sum dip in and go to the beer stor and be a reel wild eyed suthern boy! yeeeeeee-hiii!!!!

    rednek4jesusnwhtpwron April 19, 2009   Link

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