Tonight I'm yours completely sharing you with pain
Guilt and remorse come with me
They're dying to play
Take me down with you
This feels so far from perfect
I'll try and pretend this is my heart
Be careful it's so hard to mend
I'm down for whatever if you're down
For the same take me take me take me anywhere you want to go
She'll never know
Take me take me tell me everything that I want to know
Then I'll let you go down
With you I can't go on pretending
You don't know her name
We've gone too far to turn back now
I might as well stay if you're down for whatever
I'm down for the same
Take me take me take me anywhere you want to go
She'll never know
Take me take me tell me everything that I want to know
Lemme go I think I'll wait too long
want to know
Let me go
Just take me down with you
Take me take me take me down with you
Take me take me take me down with you
Take me take me take me down with you
I play guitar and I'm better than you
My name is James James
He comes from Houston and so do we too
His name is James James
Woah woah woah
He's got something to say James James

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El Borracho Lyrics as written by Adam Bryce Lewis Adam Lewis

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    General Comment

    god damn....beautiful song.

    Downthesun667on July 02, 2002   Link
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    not 100%, but im opinionated, so here goes. this song is called "el burracho", which means "the drunk" in Spanish.

    This song is about a man (whos speaking to the alcohol not to a person), who has just accidentally murdered his wife/girlfriend who he loves, on an alcoholic rampage, and instead of going to the authorities or calling someone, he sits in a bar, or sits alone, and drinks some more (weve gone to far to turn back now) hoping to relieve his painful memories (shell never know) of what hes just done, or just to drink himself to death (take me down with you). its an unbelieveable, although extremely depressing song, and my favorite off the album. they went to work with this one.

    ps. those last lines arent even part of the song, its the secret song lyrics, they have a new guitarist named james, thier old guitarist now is thier drummer.

    justanotherkyddon July 09, 2002   Link
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    "El borracho", of course, means "the drunk" in Spanish.

    So. We can assume there's something to do with alcohol in this song. Some might speculate the singer is singing to a beer. I, on the other hand, believe it's the beer singing. Okay, so maybe I'm nuts. But listen to my argument, at least!

    The person in question (the singer or the person being sung to in my argument) is either an alcoholic, a compulsive drinker, or something of the sort. His girlfriend/wife/mother/sister/something of the sort dislikes him drinking. Perhaps he's a violent drunk. Regardless. The beer is trying to convince him that a little bit won't hurt ("She'll never know"). Maybe he's suffered a tragic loss recently and has turned to alcohol as a reprieve. ("Tonight, I'm yours completely / Sharing your pain.")

    He gives into the beer. Or the compulsion. Whichever you'd like to call it. Eventually it gets into "We've gone too far to turn back now." - he's drunk as a skunk.

    As for "Take me, take me / Anywhere you wanna go", maybe he's at a place that sells off-site liquor as well?

    sexwithoutfuryon August 21, 2002   Link
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    wow you guys i didnt know it was about that. i had figured in the violence, but also sense a kind of sexual underlying tension. thats the part i relate too. at first i thought it was about an affair..but maybe it is, just one with his liquor ;)

    thetruthaboutkaton August 25, 2002   Link
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    I don't think the song is violent at all. the song is too soft of a tone to be about murder or abuse. I do agree that alcohol is to blame for his actions. I think he has had some sort of problem and drinks to make up for it. He gets drunk and comes back to his girl friend after cheating on her with another girl. His girlfriend knows this and is down in her sorrow. things did not work out for him and the girl he cheated on her with, he is down too. I'm not sure, but that is what i thought of when i listened to the song closely; and it also reminds me of myself at the begginging of this summer.

    Polyphemus99on August 26, 2002   Link
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    The tone of the song doesn't necessarily mean it's violent or not... o_O Sugarcult's Underwear is one of the mellowest songs I know of, and it's written from the P.O.V. of a serial killer/murderer.

    sexwithoutfuryon September 25, 2002   Link
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    Yeh, it's about a drunk. Why are the lyrics to the untitled track tagged to this song?

    TheyNamedMeMikion April 20, 2003   Link
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    i don't really agree with any of these ideas.

    to me, this song is about a guy talking to a girl he is about to have an affair with and then later, he speaks after the affair.

    He's about to have an affair, and he knows it's wrong, thats why guilt and remorse are going with him, but they want to play, like, he knows the consequences.

    the biggest tip off is the "i'm down for whatever, if you're down for the same" it's kinda like, before you do something with someone that you know you shouldn''re in that "i'll do it if you want to..." phase, like, neither wants to initiate the affair.

    as for the line "i can't go on pretending you don't know her name" it's kinda as if, "i can't just have a relationship with you, when i know that you won't trust me because you already know i'm with someone else" but it's too late for that, "i might as well stay."

    eventually he knows his g/f will leave him, and if the girl he cheated with has a b/f she'll get dumped to, and they'll be stuck with each other..."take me down with you"

    but that's just my opinion :-D

    ExactChangeon June 23, 2003   Link

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