this is a tale about a man, his vision is blurried and his world is spinning fast like fan
a brand new day means a brand new problem
and all things seem to fail just before he wants to start them.
no explanation for this bull***, brain is out of order, mouth is like a full clip
of ordinary things that he wannna tell the world...
the man i talk about is me, the problem is a bad girl..

yo! she´s a foxy one and full of ginger
abled to turn men in to mice and "battlecats" into "cringers"
it was hard to handle this shocks
when "ms. sunny island" met "mr. brompton city boondox".
it ain´t hard to tell that the way that i feel
is like i´m trapped in a living hell.
this mamacita drives me crazy and if this situation stays that way
i´m pushing up some motherfukkin´ daysies.
when she crosses the alley, cars crash,
and if you wistle after her you might risk a bash(ouch!)
if you ask her for a date you might catch a smile...
but she is too hot to handle so don´t even try (... don´t even try)

so what the deal mommy? haha!
bahama mama makes me wicked in this fukkin´ game of love!
so what the deal mommy? haha!
i give you everything that i´ve got.

i told her everything i did in the past,
to find out more about the girl, that´s only made for the braz.
valentine cards i bought her , flowers and ***.
a bunch of roses that i´d put to her door got stolen by a bunch of kids.
i tried it all but nothing seems to fit,
until my buddy chino came to me and told me basically this:
(chino:)"put it in a song, a reggaetune, you know?"
under her balcony i stood and sung so:
"nah me the rude boy from brompton city
singing for the irie girl that doesn´t love me
why don´t you come down and hold me close?"
the only thing that really came down was some water icecold..
now we are staring at each other without a plan
she says:" i´ve got to tell you a little something, maybe then you understand
the things you did for me were cool but better hit the trail,cuz´
i love to make love, but only to a female" ( ... to a female, what the hell!!)

so what the deal mommy? haha!
bahama mama makes me wicked
in this fukkin´ game of love.
so what the deal mommy? haha!
i give you everything that i´ve got.

stop romancing, start dancing
(ladies,shake that nasty ass,come on!!
oooh,i like dat! ey yo,chi hit it off!!!)

so what the deal mommy? haha!
bahama mama makes me wicked in this fukkin´ game of love!
so what the deal mommy? haha!
i give you everything that i´ve got!

(one mo´time 4 the ladies,come on!!)

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    god damn.. I like ¤lyn.. they´re great!! this song is cool

    ClipZornon June 30, 2002   Link

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