Through the strength of your arms, I realized I was off the mark.
All I really wanted was a pair of interested ears.
I learned that for every pause, I was almost guaranteed more time to speak.
It's always the selfish who say that life is way too short.
I'm not looking to get old, but I bet it'll happen anyway.
Now I look at my hands they don't move the same as two years ago.
At a slow steady pace, I made my way back home.
At least there I won't be ashamed.
Earlier today I felt the warmth as the skin it held the heat,
Now the city surrounds me in different tones of gray.
Those are the same cries that make my bones shake...
Those are the same assholes that take more than they can handle.
I'm alone, but I'm not lonely.
I have kinetic energy.
The dividing line will separate us all.
Sometimes it's those nights,
Where I'm all I have is really all I need...

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Kinetic Lyrics as written by Devon Williams

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Kinetic song meanings
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    i think this is their best song off of 'idle will kill' which is a great cd, my favorite from 2001. Completey differen't from 'Treatment 5' which was much more fast paced punk. this stuff is a lot differen't, i really like it though.

    aniotaon January 12, 2002   Link
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    I was told by my friend that the singer for Osker was one of the most hated vocalists in punk rock. I mean I guess when he was in high school, he was a loser and got fucked with a lot because he was 'different' or 'punkish' or whatever reason. And I mean you can basically see it in most of the songs from the album 'Treatment 5' where he seems to get back at everyone that has ever fucked with him. It seems in this song (and the album 'Idle Will Kill') that he's pretty much saying "whats the point anymore?" This song means to me that he's basically strayed from whats important in life and he has to make his way back even if he's alone. But to him, he's not because he has 'kinetic energy' which seems to be the confidence and motivation he needs.

    Kabooks1212on June 30, 2002   Link
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    heh...yeah, devon did get on a lot in high school, but osker was the most hated band on epitaph cuz of their quick success with just a simple demo. nofx and fat mike LOATHES osker. they had a feud. it all started at some show they were doing and osker played, they were done, nofx was coming up next and devon was gonna introduce them and he did by saying something to the effect of "it's amazing how you can sell this place out when you haven't put out a good record in 5 years"

    a scar in the skyon July 06, 2002   Link
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    feeling the osker at this time in my life. is it not funny how life events effect you choice in music?

    akissej55on August 25, 2002   Link
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    Its a great song and all... but my friend came to a conclusion and told me its about masturbation. Its one of those songs where you'd never think its about something like that but he thinks its about masturbation. And if you listen to the lyrics and kinda think about it, yeah its about masturbation. It sucks cuz now everytime I hear this song, it doesn't have the same effect on me as it did before the fact that it very well could be about that. Anyway... Osker still rules. Its a shame they broke up.

    Kabooks1212on June 22, 2003   Link
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    that comment trying to parrallel this song to masterbation is the fuckin dumbest comment i've ever heard. I hope you run into something very sharp!

    xshoutoutxon October 04, 2007   Link
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    Ok xshoutoutx, if you're so sure that's not what this song is about then why don't you explain the meaning for us?

    iamthenightstarson January 03, 2012   Link

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