"The Pointless, Yet Poignant Crisis of a Co-ed" as written by and Dar Williams....
I'm not a leader,
I'm not a left-wing rhetoric mobilizing force of one,
But there was a time way back,
Many years ago in college, don't laugh,
But I thought I was a radical,
I ran the Hemp Liberation Group with my boyfriend,
It was true love, with a common cause,
And besides that, he was a Sagittarius.

We used to say that our love was like hemp rope,
Three times as strong as the rope that you buy domestically,
And we would bond in the face of oppression from big business and the deans,
But I knew there was a problem,
Every time the group would meet everyone would light up,
That made it difficult to discuss glaucoma and human rights,
Not to mention chemotherapy.

Well sometimes, life gives us lessons sent in ridiculous packaging,
And so I found him in the arms of a Student Against the Treacherous use of Fur,
And he gave no apology, he just turned to me, stoned out to the edge of oblivion,
He didn't pull up the sheets and I think he even smiled as he said to me,
"Well, I guess our dreams went up in smoke."

And I said, No, our dreams went up in dreams, you stupid pothead,
And another thing, what kind of a name is
Students Against the Treacherous Use of Fur?
Fur is already dead, and besides,
A name like that doesn't make a good acronym.

I am older now, I know the rise
And gradual fall of a daily victory.
And I still write to my senators,
Saying they should legalize cannabis,
And I should know, cause I am a horticulturist,
I have a husband and two children out in Lexington, Mass.
And my ex-boyfriend can't tell me I've sold out,
Because he's in a cult.
And he's not allowed to talk to me.

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"The Pointless, Yet Poignant, Crisis of a Co-Ed" as written by Dar Williams


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The Pointless, Yet Poignant Crisis of a Co-ed song meanings
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    General Commentthis song was written about dar's alma mater (and my current school) wesleyan university in connecticut. it describes some of the people at wes perfectly. everyone has a cause, something to shout about or protest. at some point everyone has to step back and really think about what they're doing and often times the students get so caught up in the movement that they lose perspective. this is dar's reflection years later and i feel like eventually a lot of us will get jaded and lose that fervor. i think it applies to the optimism of youth everywhere though and her humor adds so much to the song. i love it!
    imaishaon June 27, 2003   Link
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    General CommentGreat song....it just goes to show that some people don't grow out of the "hippie" stage.
    sakeboxon April 10, 2004   Link
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    General Commentdar says

    Well, I have this song about this couple that's really trying to legalize marijuana, but he just wants to legalize marijuana because he's basically a pothead, and she wants to legalize marijuana because she's this slightly prim, intellectual who is really trying to get down and dirty with the issues and has no clue that he's bedding every other women that's with every other cause on the campus...
    pnkseashelon January 16, 2006   Link
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    General Comment"(The main character) is very serious about her involvement in this organization which is all about people finding good excuses to smoke pot. She's kind of blind to the fact that she's the only serious political member, and she's ultra-literal about everything," Williams explains. "I believe that definition of humor; it helps you see how people can take things so seriously."
    pnkseashelon January 16, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI love those last couple lines of this song. Hilarious.
    JuliaKnowsStuffon May 23, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI always thought this song is about looking back and finding humor in your mistakes. She still believes in the cause, but is likely more effective in making a difference with her current methods.

    Seeing her ex makes her realize how much she has grown up. He is protesting the misuse of dead animals, joining cults, and stoned out of his mind. She, in contrast, has learned to focus her enthusiasm into a more effective approach.
    verondaon September 10, 2008   Link

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