"Satellite" as written by and Martin Gore....
Now hear this my friends
I'll never be the same again
Going to lock myself in a cold black room
Going to shadow myself in a veil of gloom
I will function, operate
I will be a satellite of hate

Driven to this point by a chain of events
Each one pushed me nearer the edge
Going to send my message through to you
You'll receive the signal too
I will function, operate
I will be a satellite of hate

Higher, Higher

Disillusioned, I was disenchanted
Forgot the love that had been implanted
Heard the lies and I felt the cold
It broke my heart and I lost control
Now I'm a satellite of a free state
I'm a satellite of hate

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"Satellite" as written by Martin Gore

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    OK, let's have it real. Martin realise that now he'll become real famose with DM and his dark side will flow out and affect plenty of people all over the world. Driven to this point by the chance of events- means he not always was like that(dark soul). Love to girl and broken heart make him like that.(we must remember that love in young age is very strong and young people are thinking that it will last forever) After she left him in very nasty way, he started to close himself in cold black room.(His mama was knocking and asking through closed door -What are you doing Martin?) That was very influent on his young soul(he started to write songs (lirycs). Then he decieded to be a bad boy(man of the darkness). Couse he was praying to much on his knees in church before, and nobody ever pick up reciever to help...
    It wasn't only one thing with this girlfriend (he explains). It was few things(chains of events)After every one of them he was closer to become this person which he is now. At some point he lost control of this and he couldn't stop to become a "darksoul". He wants now take revenge on God. (even if he's not sure anymore if god exist or not) But after so many years of pryiing he decieded now to go on (dark side) and use his incoming fame to spread his (broken hearted)point of view. Now he will send his message through you (and me) and everyone who will ever hear his words and music will be affected. Martin got this feeling that this words and music will have great power and will infect lot of people like an virus(I'll be satellite). He also knew that the other members of band are only puppets. Couse as a shy person he needed somebody to stand at the front and cover him. (Dave can't sing, Andy can't play instrument, Martin is writing all of the lirycs and music...)

    In my opinion Martin is the biggest song writer of all times. Couse who is bigger?
    albertdropon April 13, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about a guy pretending to be something he wasnt, and other people spread rumours about him, although that wasnt really what he was like, and so he uses this as his reason to suddenly change and be who he truly is.
    Totally freaking sweet song too.
    StealthDragoonon February 07, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThe lyrics are about isolating yourself.

    I think it's another break up song, as Martin said he broke up with his girlfriend prior to writing for the album and that was an influence to the dark theme of the album...
    blynxon February 22, 2007   Link

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