All given hope's the same
Now it's all time to kill the pain
Complaints covering a whining tongue

Try to speak a mouth of truths
To time to recollect for ill-mannered self-neglect

Stand on your own two feet
Stability a broken strand of string
Outstretched, out of reach

Not enough rest for this brainstaking quest
These moods among the elite

Sitting re-examine mistakes

Overly analytical war-gaming
Slurring syllables, un-sober moment one use to regret

Non-scapegoat mouth...oversee several ideas

Losing it inside
These words are like a dyslexic interpretation of the wrong

A quiet moment for love gone bad
No time to waste for a second guess
This look on your face
So pathetic

Stealing fear from an innocent mind
Distilled existence to collapse into tears
All in your hands now
Change it

Don't be what others think or want
Fuck the law, create your own
The heretic, the witch, a martyr for the weak
Shoved down lives of ambition

Stop whispering the truth to yourself
Under a breath of lies, a false disguise
Spell caster of curse words
Spoken stones to be thrown at guilt-covered society

Give it till tomorrow
Give it a couple days

Blank face, lying smile
Bothered by flawed events

You only wished you hadn't given till it hurt
A backward decision on your part
Now this is starting over
And less the man A selfish instinct overdose
Re-assure the growth

A traitor to your own words
These bitter terms swapped
Intentions never there
Never to lend a hand

Don't look back
Behind your backs
They grew to men

Halt...permission to stand...a grown man
Symbolize the rape of freedom
The loss to see all
To decide on your own

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